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See Rotating Schedule here 



Samvera Dev Congress



  • Lyrasis Member's Summit - taking place Feb 22
    • Let Arran know if your institution didn't receive their initiates, but should have.
  • Program team met with AWS team handing a Fedora 6 + Islandora 2.0 installation yesterday to discuss the implementation and future of the effort
    • AWS will open source the solution once they are confident in it's reproducibility and it has been through their internal vetting processes
    • Hope is to provide pathways to doing this for other institutions who are interested in an entirely AWS infrastructure


Pop Up Topics

  • ISLE question from Slack - fgs repo is the default name as far as gsearch is concernedfollow up
    • Jared will send
  • a
    • follow up
  • with suggestion to the Islandora mailing list
  • Seems to be a problem between Fedora and GSearch
    • for more info
  • Committer Code Signing Key Process/Release Process Review


    • Mostly a note for Mike to remind himself to complete his
  • Tomcat 10 conversation from Slack
    • Should start to consider how this is incorporated in to something like Fedora 7
    • This might signify enough "work" and enough changes to consider a point release
    • could include work to make the java/jakarta change


3918 - Thomas has it (Thomas’ notebook of improvements for the process)

  • Unassign it from Thomas once he’s input all the detail he wants to include

3917 - Thomas has plans to do it soon as it’s related to 3912

  • Remove the “latest” tag, should note this in the README
  • Should also outline what “main” is doing or what it is

3912 - Thomas started working on it

  • Should we keep “latest” for now and give people a heads up that newer version
  • Add a note to README and include it with release notes
    • Thomas would like to see as pre-note in advance just to make sure people will know
  • Thomas proposal to delete “latest” tag once we make the switch so people don’t get old versions by default
    • With no “latest” tag, Docker will require a tag in place
  • Thomas will raise his questions with the PR’s

3910 - Still hanging around - DocuTeam just needs to supply more info, and will look at it when they’re able too

3906 - 

3919 - Assigned to Dan - will get an update next week

3907 - Mike had a question about this

  • Reindexing could be added to performance testing work
  • Mike will test once more then merge

3920 - out of date documentation

  • Will need to fix this before next release
  • Related where we write data by default
    • Probably writing it to tomcat directory
  • Where should we put the keys because old process doesn’t work
    • Would be good to keep them on a public key server
    • Jared added links to the wiki, and as long as any of these are used Sonotype will allow
    • Thomas’ suggestion is to create a separate Fedora signing key
    • Need to add it to the wiki somewhere for now
  • Organize a group call to do the release live  (fcrepo core, camel toolbox, migration-utils)
    • Can everyone commit to looking at it in advance of the actual release
  • RC on the 15th for release on February 29th
    • Use tech meeting time to work through the process


3818 - just a collection of ideas to simplify the process. Will look at finding time to test processes and hopefully this will simplify the release process

3917 - 

3912 - changed name in pipeline fir docker image rebuild but not for fcrepo rebuild itself?

  • May be resolved by the simplification of the release process
    • Fix that GitHub action to remove current tags and only build with the tag of whatever we choose
    • Remove it from the docker repo also
    • Here we use “latest + version” tag
    • Building main in this, and main isn’t always the most recent release
    • Maybe stick with maven naming convention? “Main” is the tag?
    • Consideration to stop using “latest” tag entirely