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**Each week a meeting chair will be assigned based on a rotating schedule.**


  1. Announcements:
  2. Pop-up/Other Topics:
    1. Welcome to new Committers Thomas and Demian
    2. Release documentation is being 
  3. Migration Updates:
    1. Docuteam have migrated some smaller clients
  4. Updates on:

    1. Open Tickets (but assigned in some cases): 

    2.  In Progress and older but still relevant open tickets:

    3. In Review:

  5. New tickets:

  6. Tickets:

    1. 3912 - Thomas had some ideas about how this could be simplified
      1. Release doc does not specify the naming format
    2. 3910 - Docuteam have not had th4e resource to add to this but hope to in the future
    3. 3905 - Ben has worked on this and its in review now
      1. Initial reporter has now completed their migration
    4. 3913 - Dan to add GitHub env var as requested in ticket
    5. 3907 -  Calvin will take a look at Jared's request
  7. Backlog Tickets to consider working:
  8. Next Meeting Chair:
    1. Chair: Demian KatzDan Field
    2. Note Taker: Doron ShalviMike Ritter