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  • Description: In this workshop, DSpace administrators will learn how to enable, configure, and maximize the benefits of the DSpace 7 DataCite DOI integration. Workshop facilitators will cover the DataCite DOI registration process, the DataCite Metadata Schema, configuration options within DSpace and DSpace-CRIS, and how to customize the metadata mapping between local repository metadata and the DataCite Metadata Schema.
  • Workshop Facilitators: Kelly Stathis (DataCite), Pascal-Nicolas Becker (The Library Code GmbH), Andrea Bollini (4Science), Claudio Cortese (4Science), Jordan Piščanc (4Science) & Sheila Rabun (Lyrasis)
  • Audience: The audience for this workshop is repository managers, developers, administrators, and librarians who are administering DSpace repositories. The workshop is suitable for all DSpace users interested in learning about DataCite DOI registration through the platform.
  • Requirements: Those interested in actively working on their configuration should have a DataCite repository test account, which can be requested in advance by emailing
  • Link to Description on the OR Conference Site:
  • Slides: (there are more slides, but these are the ones that covers how to configure DOIs in DSpace)

DSpace Panel Discussions

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  • Presenters: Tatyane Guedes Martins da Silva, Marcio Ribeiro Gurgel do Amaral, Cássio Teixeira de Morais, Marcel Garcia de Souza, Washington Luís Ribeiro de Carvalho Segundo (Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict), Brazil)

  • Description: Scientific publications repositories contribute to the access, use and reuse of information, which benefits the advent of Open Science in Brazil through the Brazilian Network of Digital Repositories (RBRD). This proposal aims to present and make available to the world the DSpace Updater Tool and its contribution to the development of RBRD, both created by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict). Ibict is the Brazilian governmental body, which operates at the forefront of Open Science, promoting and participating in the introduction of national and international good practices, using collaborative work to promote Open Science in various services and products, highlighting in this article the creation of digital repositories in Brazilian institutions. Documentary and descriptive research was used as a methodological strategy. As a result, we found that using the tool makes it possible to install or update DSpace software quickly and pragmatically. 

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