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  • PanelistsMichele Mennielli , Andrea Bollini (4Science) , Ignace Deroost (Atmire)
  • Description: This panel session will provide an update on all DSpace activities from the institutions most involved in the latest release, DSpace 8.0.  It will include updates on the 8.0 release (and other community activities) as well feature demonstrations from 4Science and Atmire.
  • Submitted by: Tim Donohue
  • Proposal:
  • Description: This panel session will provide an update on all DSpace activities from the institutions most involved in the latest release, DSpace 8.0. DSpace 8.0 is scheduled to be released in April 2024 and follows in the footsteps of the transformative 7.x series of releases. This release prioritizes new features which empower your administrators, including a new data correction/notification service which allows DSpace to be notified of potential data quality improvements to existing research objects in the system. The panel will include demonstrations of DSpace 8 features from some of the institutions which built them. It will also provide updates from the DSpace Steering Group on the upcoming roadmap, including priorities for version 9.0 (due in April 2025) and maintenance of 7.x and 8.x. Finally, this panel will discuss current and planned DSpace community activities, along with ways that institutions can get involved or support DSpace by becoming a member or contributor.

The Repository Rodeo

  • Presenters: Heather Greer Klein1Gustavo Durand2Rory McNicholl3, Arran Griffith4Alex Ioannidis5, Kirsta Stapelfeldt6, Kristi Park7Donald Moses8Kate Dohe9 (1Samvera, United States of America; 2Harvard University, United States of America; 3CoSector, University of London, United Kingdom; 4Lyrasis, United States of America; 5CERN, Switzerland; 6University of Toronto, Canada; 7Texas Digital Library, United States of America; 8University of Prince Edward Island, Canada; 9University of Maryland, United States of America)
  • Description: The Repository Rodeo returns for another round of questions and answers! This popular panel, featured since Open Repositories 2016 in Dublin, offers a broad overview of repository platforms at Open Repositories and provides an opportunity for spirited discussion amongst panelists and attendees. Join community representatives from Dataverse, DSpace, EPrints, Fedora, InvenioRDM, Islandora, and Samvera as we briefly explain what each of our repositories actually does. We'll also talk about the directions of our respective technical and community developments and related to the conference theme of “Empowering Global Progress,” we’ll discuss the work our repository communities do to support research transparency, implement sustainable practices, and empower global progress. This panel will be a great opportunity for newcomers to Open Repositories to get a crash course on open repository options and to meet representatives from each of their communities. After a brief presentation from each representative, we'll open the session up for questions from the audience.

DSpace Presentations

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