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  1. First, you need to login as an Administrative user
  2. Visit the Confluence Dashboard, and create a new Space for this new release
    1. Select "Documentation Space" option
    2. Space Name: DSpace #.x Documentation (e.g. "DSpace 6.x Documentation")
    3. Space ID: DSDOC#x (e.g. DSDOC6x for DSpace 6.x documentation) Make sure to follow our recommended Space ID naming conventions as described above.
  3. Copy the latest release documentation into this new Space
    1. Go to the latest release documentation homepage (e.g. DSDOC6x)
    2. Select "..." → "Copy Page Tree" option
    3. Select Destination to be the newly created Space
    4. For "Parent Page" option, select default homepage (as a parent page is required)
    5. Ensure "Copy Attachments", "Copy Permissions" and "Copy Comments" are all checked.
    6. Update all "Page Title" options to be blank.
    7. Start Copy
  4. Once the content has been copied to the new Space, visit the new Space.
    1. Delete the default homepage.
    2. Go to "Space Tools" → "Overview".  Change the "Home page" to be the newly copied content homepage.
    3. Edit new homepage to match the new version number (e.g. "DSpace 7.x Documentation").
    4. The various sections may end up resorted alphabetically. Check the last version and reorder the sections to the proper order (Using "View in Hierarchy" option).
  5. Next you'll need to tweak several Space settings to get it formatted similar to the rest of our Documentation. We'll start simple by tweaking the "Space Description"
    • Go to "Space Tools -> Overview" and change the "Description" to have the correct version number (e.g. "Official docs for DSpace 3.x") and click "Save".
  6. Now, change the logo for the space
    1. Go to "Space Tools → Configure Sidebar".  Click the edit icon next to the logo, and upload our DSpace logo
  7. Now, change the "Documentation Space Header" so that we have the "Unreleased Documentation Header" in place. The full instructions can be found below in the #Documentation Space Headers section.
  8. Now, change the Left Sidebar to load up the _DocLeftSidebar shared content (this displays the DSpace logo and list of recent versions). The full instructions can be found below in the #Documentation Shared Sidebar section.
  9. Modify the All Documentation wiki page to list this version of the Documentation, and make sure to note that it is UNRELEASED.
  10. Let's check/update the Space permissions / access rights
    • Go to "Browse -> Space Admin" and click on "Permissions"
    • On the Permissions page, assign these permissions to these groups:
      • 'confluence-users' group -> "View" and "Add Comments" permissions only
      • 'dspace-committer' group -> Full permissions (select all options, including Admin)
      • 'dspace-docgardener' group -> Full permissions (select all options, including Admin)
  11. Finally, to ensure everything was copied properly (and no links were "broken" in the process), you may want to look at these reports:
    • "Orphaned Pages" Report (Go to "Browse -> Advanced -> Orphaned Space Tools → Content Tools → Orphaned Pages") : This is a list of all pages in the space which are not being linked to from another page (no incoming links)
    • "Undefined Pages" Report (Go to "Browse -> Advanced -> Undefined Space Tools → Content Tools → Undefined Pages") : This is a list of all broken internal wiki links within the space (and the page the link appears on). Confluence sees a broken link as leading to an "undefined page". Therefore you can use this report to determine if any links are now broken in the Documentation, and fix them appropriately.


  • The left sidebar can be edited only by a Wiki Space Administrator
  • Visit "Space Tools → Look and Feel"
  • Click on "Sidebar, header and footer"
  • In the "Sidebar" field, you want to place the following Wiki Markup (which will cause the _DocLeftSidebar wiki page to appear as the sidebar):

    Code Block
    {livesearch:spaceKey=DSDOC7x|placeholder=Search documentation|additional=page excerpt}

  • Click "Save"
  • Now, we'll likely want to ensure this version of DSpace is listed in the Sidebar. To do that, just visit the _DocLeftSidebar page, edit it, and add a line similar to the following:

    • Create a new "div" macro (creates a new HTML <div> tag for us)

    • Set Class as "DSDOC4xDSDOC7x" (for DSDOC4x DSDOC7x space)

    • Set Style as "padding-left: 10px" (to align with all others in the list

    • As the text (inside the "div"): "DSpace 47.x (Unreleased)" (and link it to the DSDOC4x DSDOC7x Homepage)

    • NOTE: Obviously you can copy from another "div" macro if these settings change.
  • Finally, let's tweak the stylesheet of the Space, so that its listing in the sidebar appears bolded.
    • Go back to the "Browse -> Space AdminSpace Tools → Look and Feel"
    • Click on "Stylesheet" (Under "Look and Feel" section)
    • Click "Edit" and add a style similar to the following (notice that this "div" style matches the "div" macro defined above):

      Code Block
      /** Bold sidebar link to this Space **/

    • Click Save