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Browse Results

  • Currently all the facets are completely expanded. Can we have the default for Repositories expanded as is. It would be useful for the rest of the facets to have them start off collapsed with a little tab that would then expand the list. Is it also possible to have a number listed beside the facet title that will tell the user how many results exist in that facet?
  • Facet names are a bit weird can we rename them as follows:
    • Display Name should = Collection Title MO: Done on test
    • Local ID should = Call Number MO: Done on test
    • Create Date should = Date of Collections MO: Done on test
    • Topic should = Subject MO: Done on test
    • Located in facet should be removed as it currently doesn't make contextual sense in the application

Repository Facets

The repository facet currently has collections mixed in with the repositories. Only the following repositories should be present:

  • Manuscripts and Archives Yale University Library - currently this is just named Manuscripts and Archives. MM: See my comments on collection home review page
  • Stanford University. Department of Special Collections and University Archives (4)
  • Hull University Archives (2)
  • University of Virginia Library. Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library (1) - this shows up twice should be 2 collections associated with this repository not (1). Collections are Cheuse and Warner.
  • Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (1) MM: See my comments on collection home review page

Display Name Facet (Collection Title)

The following items in this facet are not collections and need to be stripped out prior to the demo:

  • fake collection
  • Collection
  • All intermediate sets 1,2,3
  • Another change should be that the number beside the collection should be removed. These are single collections and the number will only ever be 1 so it is non-sensical to have it listed

Local ID (Call Number)

Call numbers are specific to collections only so the following needs to be stripped from this facet list:

  • coll (1)
  • intermed2 (1)
  • intermed3 (1)
  • item 1 (1)
  • item 2 (1)
  • local id (

Object Type facet

Please make these plural rather than singular. eg. Collection = Collections MO: Done on test