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titleNo meeting on Nov 17 or Nov 24

The DSpace 7 Working Group will NOT be meeting on either Nov 17 or Nov 24.  Our next meeting is Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 15:00 UTC.

On Nov 17 most meeting attendees will be attending the DSpace 7 Workshop series, and Nov 24 is USA Thanksgiving.

title7.5 Release Plan

Release Schedule:

  • Thursday, December 1 (Donated Feature Notification Deadline): Any community members who wish to donate a feature to this release must notify Tim Donohue by this date (either via email, Slack or GitHub). The DSpace 7 team will then provide feedback on whether it will be possible to include this feature in the release (based on team member availability and the size of the feature).  Early notifications are more likely to get included in the release.
  • Friday, December 23 (Feature PR Creation Deadline): PRs should be created by this date if they are to be reviewed in time for the release.  Please note there is no guarantee that a PR will be included if it is created by this date. Larger PRs are recommended to be created earlier, as that makes it more likely they can be reviewed in time for inclusion. (Smaller bug fixes are welcome anytime)
  • Friday, January 27 (Feature PR Review/Test Deadline): All code reviewers or testers should submit their feedback by this date. Code reviews must be constructive in nature, with resolution suggestions. Any code reviews submitted AFTER this date will be considered non-blocking reviews. NOTE: Larger PRs or donated PRs may have their own deadlines established for PR creation, review and merger.This deadline only applies for PRs with no other deadline established.
  • Friday, February 3 (Bug PR Creation Deadline): Bug fix PRs are still acceptable after this date if they are very high priority.  However, any submitted after this date will likely need to have pre-assigned reviewers in order to ensure the review can be completed before the PR Merge Deadline.
  • Friday, February 10 (PR Merge Deadline): All PRs should be merged by this date.  (Note: bug fixes can still get in after this deadline, as long as they are small or important)
  • Week of February 13 (Documentation & Release Week):  Any merged PRs which don't have minimal documentation (how to enable / configure) MUST have documentation created this week. Later in this week (around Thurs) will be the 7.4 release.
  • Monday, February 20: Public Release Announcement. 7.4 will be announced/released by this date.

Ongoing/Weekly tasks: