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Previous Action Items



  • Upcoming Conferences and Workshops:
    • Islandora
    • Access
    • DLF/DigiPres (workshop and two lightning talks)
    • iPres
    • Samvera Connect
  • Open Houses - Two Open Houses are scheduled July 26 & 27 at hours that vary to hopefully accommodate members across timezones.
  • CLA Vote Results - We will drop the need for volunteer developers to sign a CLA, but contracted developers will still be required to sing a CLA. The intention was to remove a barrier to volunteer development.
  • Upcoming Governance Seats and Terms- steering and leadership are being condensed; there will be little significant change; Jennifer will take over as chair in October; Tim made a great call for people to express interest in the chair-elect position; 

Grant Update

  • Migration Toolkit has been rolled out but only to the Fedora community and are seeking feedback. Release to the Islandora and Samvera is pending for this initial review and update.
  • Workshops & Conferences - covered above. The last phase of the grant was to hold an in person migration workshop however, people are reluctant to travel.  Therefore, workshops are being held in various venues.
Open Fedora Position
  • Hiring a half time position with technical skills - details are to yet worked out whether this would be a technical lead or a junior developer that would grow into a fuller role. This will not be a position split with a half time position within Lyrasis. We are not looking for a contractor as we value building knowledge and retaining that knowledge.
  • The pandemic has opened up opportunity given more people that seem to be interested in less than full time.
  • Depending on what we find, a contractor is an option.
  • We still have and hope to retain Mike.
Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Review 
  • Existing Code of Conduct is due to be reviewed. The intention is to think about revising the statement to make it more of a member expectation statement rather than a legal statement.
  • Situations have arisen that could be considered a conflict of interest. Having an updated CC would better support members and the community.
  • Discussed that we had a higher level code of conduct from Duraspace. Lyrasis as one and that needs to be taken into account and any suggestions to make it stronger is welcomed.
  • Also needed is a review of or drafting a process for how to handle a request, communication, and resolution.
  • We may also need a conflict of interest statement.
  • Governance has been asked to comment on the existing document.