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Duraspace preservation solution community, 10 February 2011


Deborah Kaplan, Tufts
Valorie Hollister, Duraspace
Katherine Kott, Stanford
Alpana Pande, Stanford
Chris Erickson, Brigham Young
(is this all correct/complete? I scribbled notes as we spoke)

1. Group direction

  • Chris and Katherine explicitly praised the utility of the group as a sounding board and discussion group where people could share their own preservation challenges and successes; where we could discuss best practices; where we could share case studies. They don't want that functionality of the group to go away.
  • A proposal was made that some of our monthly phone calls could be themed discussions on a specific topic for people interested in that topic. We could also use duraspace's webinar functionality or to enable one member of the group to present to the rest of the group. (Group members should toss out proposals for themed discussions!)
  • A proposal was made that the group should be willing to pull together resources for specific collaborative efforts with an end-product in mind, such as a small suite of micro-services.
  • We discussed how discussion about best practices could lead to a seemingly smaller but still very concrete product of shared information. For example, if discussions about micro-services best practices led to documentation on the wiki of functional requirements for specific micro-services, than any institution which got the resources to work on those micro-services would be able to use the documentation developed with the larger community in mind. We discussed how we should remember that there are a lot of useful steps between "discussion group" and "programming team". Pinning things down so we don't all go off in different directions is useful!
  • In the particular, we talked about defining open "micro-services" more specifically to make sure that we are all on the same page. What do we mean when we say "micro-services for preservation"?

2. Open repositories 2011

How many members of the preservation solution community would be interested in participating as a seven-minute speaker in a 24 x 7 session? If there would be critical mass, we can make a proposal for a preservation solution community 24 x 7 presentation + question and answer session. Raise your hand if you feel like you have something to talk about. (smile)