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The 4.1.0 release also adds several updates to better support deployment and operations, including CORS support and integration with SumoLogic logging management.

For details on specific changes which are included in the 4.1.0 release, see the JIRA issue tracker.

Release 4.0.0

Released: July 1, 2016


  • The Duplicate on Ingest service is now the Duplicate on Change service.
    • This service now supports all of the same on-ingest features as before, but it now also performs duplication of all update and delete actions as well. This allows the primary and secondary cloud stores to be kept completely in sync.
  • The Bulk Bit Integrity Service has been improved.
    • This service has been updated and verified to properly handle spaces with up to 1 million items
    • The second step of the MD5 verification, which used to run locally on the instance, has been moved to hadoop, allowing the service to complete much more quickly for large data sets.
  • User management functions have been removed, as they are now performed by the DuraCloud Management Console.
    • As a convenience, administrators are still able to see the list of users and their roles within the DuraCloud Administrator UI.
  • Service outputs have been made more consistent.
    • All DuraCloud services which produce an output file now store that file in the x-service-out space.
    • Services which produce log files store those logs in the x-service-work space.
    • The names of the output files have been made more consistent, making it simpler to determine which files correspond to which service deployment.
  • Password security has been improved.
    • All passwords used within DuraCloud are now immediately pushed through a hashing function before being are stored, so that no user passwords are transferred or stored as clear text.
  • A ServiceClient is now available, to compliment the StoreClient and make it easier to make direct API calls to manipulate DuraCloud services.