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titleManifest REST Methods

Generate Manifest

  • Purpose: Asynchronously generates a gzipped manifest for a given space and storeId. This approach may be preferable if you wish to obtain a manifest for a larger space. We recommend considering this option for spaces that are larger than 100K items.
  • Request: POST https://host:port/durastore/manifest/{spaceId} ? (storeID) (format)
    • spaceID - ID of the space for which the manifest will be generated
    • storeID (optional) - ID of the content storage provider to query (default is primary store)
    • format (optional) - TSV or BAGIT (default is TSV)
  • Response Code: 202 (on success), 404 if manifest was not found.

  • Response Body: We are processing your manifest generation request. To retrieve your file, please poll the URI in the Location header of this response

  • Response Headers:

    Code Block
    titleTSV results
    Location: <URI-of-generated-manifest>