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  • More Curation Tools/Plugins (MIT & Others). Obviously, some could potentially even be release asynchronously, and also formally "bundled" with 1.8.0
  • Configurable Reviewer Workflow (@mire) a project that enhances Reviewer Workflow configurability that is orthogonal to Curation Tooling.
  • Refactoring ConfigutationManager to use ConfigurationService (@mire with others welcome)
  • Refactoring PluginManager to use ServiceManager (@mire with others welcome)
  • REST API formal release? It missed 1.7.0, but there seemed to be interest there. Volunteer(s) to stabilize/improve for 1.8.0? (Still working on it, also volunteers/testers are welcome :) Bojan Suzic
  • DSpace "Easy" Installer (Tim Donohue)? See DS-802 and InstallerPrototype for more details
    • Perhaps, alongside this, an easier way to "install" plugins/addons (like Curation Tool plugins)??
  • SWORD Client for DSpace (Robin Taylor, and possibly Richard Jones & Stuart Lewis)
    • would allow DSpace to push/submit content to other SWORD enabled repositories
    • For closed & open access repositories – add a button to transfer content from a closed to an open repository.
  • Context Guided Ingest (Richard Rodgers/MIT) – define an interface, where any submission code can write "attributes" and can retrieve those again later on. Can add any new attributes/values that you want for your submission code. Could be serialized to XML (using input-forms.xml) OR have an implementation of that service that stores in DB (recommended). JPA2?
    • would allow for type-based submission processes (e.g. Theses/Dissertations could have different submission steps than articles/papers).
    • based on the Item type based submission patch picked up by Robin Taylor (initially a GSoC project)
    • seems similar to SimpleStorage Service (user centered storage of state info) – Mark Diggory.
  • Usability improvements / new Theme work (Peter Dietz)
  • Context Sensitive Help for XMLUI (@mire)
  • Discovery Enhancements (@mire)
  • Asynchronous Release Process / Release various modules/addons separate from base install (Mark Diggory/@mire & others)
  • Metadata on all DSpaceObjects (Mark Diggory/@mire & others?)
  • Rewrite of Creative Commons licensing (MIT)??
    • would improve upon the features of the current CC licensing submission step
    • Currently only against XMLUI from MIT
    • Legacy problem – do we update old license to new or not? Currently MIT runs 'split version' with old licenses looking like old, and new look like new.