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  • "Change Settings" takes you back to the edit screen.
  • "Import Now" performs a single harvest from the remote collection into the local one. Success, notes, and errors encountered in the process will be reflected in the "Last Harvest Result" entry. More detailed information is available in the dspace log. Note that the whole harvest cycle is execuited withtin a single HTTP request and will time out for large collections. For this reason, it is advisable to use the automatic harvest scheduler set up
    either in XMLUI or from the command line. If the scheduler is running, "Import Now" will handle the harvest task as a separate thread.
  • "Reset and Reimport Collection" will perform the same function as "Import Now", but will clear the collection of all existing items before doing so.

Automatic Harvesting (Scheduler)

Setting up automatic harvesting in the Control Panel Screen.

  • A new table, Harvesting, has been added under Administrative > Control Panel.
  • The panel offers the following information:
    • Available actions:
      • Start Harvester: starts the scheduler. From this point on, all properly configured collections (listed on the next line) will be harvested at regular intervals. This interval can be changed in the dspace.cfg using the "harvester.harvestFrequency" parameter.
      • Pause: the "nice" stop; waits for the active harvests to finish, saves the state/progress and pauses execution. Can be either resumed or stopped.
      • Stop: the "full stop"; waits for the current item to finish harvesting, and aborts further execution.
      • Reset Harvest Status: since stopping in the middle of a harvest is likely to result in collections getting "stuck" in the queue, the button is available to clear all states.

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