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Comment: Add a question on using mailing lists after support ends


If you want to continue to receive community-supported bug and security fixes, you should begin planning an upgrade to DSpace 7.x as soon as reasonably possible.

After those dates, if I have questions about DSpace 5.x or 6.x will they still be answered on mailing lists, Slack, etc?

Yes, questions on older releases of DSpace are always welcome on any Support channels (mailing lists, Slack, etc) even after support ends for those releases.  However, if you encounter a bug or a security issue, we may only be able to suggest upgrading to DSpace 7 to resolve it.

Also, keep in mind that support on mailing list is provided on a volunteer basis. So, the older the release you are using, the less likely others may be able to easily answer your questions. That said, everyone tends to do their best to at least provide helpful advice.

I’m running an older version of DSpace. Should I upgrade to DSpace 6.x?