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Table of Contents


Content Submitters

Community Administrators

System Administrators

Edit Item Overview

The Edit Item process enables authorized users to edit various properties of items deposited in DSpace. Edit item serves the following purposes, each contained in different tabs within the Edit Item form. 

Status tab

Update authorization policies

Managing mapped collections

Update item status (Withdrawn/Private/Expunge)

Move item to another collection

Bitstreams tab

Add or remove licenses or other bitstreams (i.e. files) attached to item

Edit metadata associated with the bitstreams, including filename, file format and file description

Metadata tab

Add or deletie metadata fields (i.e. elements added to Item) or edit values in existing fields. See further detail below. 

Relationships tab

Add or delete relationships with other items or editing existing relationship with items. See further details below. 

Version History Tab

Create and manage item versions in DSpace.