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  • Description:  DSpace-CRIS is the first open source CRIS/RIMS platform in the world. In 2022 the project will reach is 10th anniversary since the first open-source release of the version 1.8.2 alfa took place in November 2012.

    Technically it is a fork of the DSpace platform, but the two communities have always walked together with the aim of bringing all the general purposes features of DSpace-CRIS to the main community. With version 7 and, especially, with the introduction of configurable entities in DSpace, the gap between these two "cousin" projects has been drastically reduced. However, thanks to the DSpace-CRIS community's increased experience in dealing with very complex use cases that have only recently found their way into “simple” DSpace, there are still many areas where DSpace-CRIS provides more advanced and still unique functionalities.

    The presentation will summarize unique features and characteristics of DSpace-CRIS over DSpace in 7 minutes.

  • Presenters: Bollini, Andrea; Ballarini, Emanuele; Buso, Irene; Boychuk, Mykhaylo; Cortese, Claudio; Digilio, Giuseppe; Fazio, Riccardo; Fiorenza, Damiano; Giamminonni, Luca; Lombardi, Corrado; Maffei, Stefano; Negretti, Davide; Orlandi, Sara; Pascarelli, Luigi Andrea; Perelli, Matteo; Scancarello, Immacolata; Scognamiglio, Francesco Pio; Mornati, Susanna

DSpace 7 Posters



EOSC DIH “ELD Advance“ project

  • Description: The poster will provide an overview of the ELD ADVANCE project supported by the European Open Science Cloud Digital Innovation HUB (EOSC DIH).

    In spring 2021, as part of the OpenAIRE ELD project 4Science released two new services: the Data Correction (based on the OpenAIRE Notification Broker), to enrich repository data by exploiting the vast amount of information made available by OpenAIRE, and the Publication Claim (based on the OpenAIRE Graph), to ensure that the repository stays up to date by automatically discovering new content produced by the institution’s researchers in the OpenAIRE Graph, thus reducing the manual input from researchers.

    This new project aims to achieve full impact extending these services to plain DSpace repositories making them available out-of-box in the latest releases of DSpace as it was already done in DSpace-CRIS.

    Moreover, additional technical improvements will be introduced to streamline the adoption and set the basis for future extensions of the services.

  • Presenters: Andrea BolliniIrene Buso, Susanna Mornati, Giuseppe Digilio, Luca Giamminonni, Androniki Pavlidou