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  • (30 mins) General Discussion Topics
    1. What PRs are still expected by Dec 23 deadline? Pre-assign those to reviewers by reviewing the "In Progress" column of our 7.2 Project Board
    2. Further discussion of Angular UI's Runtime Configuration PR:
      1. Seem high priority & very useful for Production scenarios. Any concerns with moving forward with this in 7.2? 
    3. Status on update of is no longer an Admin. Almost all of the sample Entities have been deleted.
    4. A few serious/annoying bugs in latest code
      1. Authorization policies cannot be edited (likely something small, but very annoying): 
      2. Moving an Item can accidentally delete it (needs analysis):
    5. (Other Topics?)
  • (30 mins) Planning for next week
    • Review the Backlog Board - Are there any tickets here stuck in the "Triage" column?  We'd like to keep this column as small as possible.
    • Review the 7.2 Project Board - Assign tickets to developers & assign PRs to reviewers.
      • Paid (by DSpace project) developers must keep in mind priority. If new "high" or "medium" priority tickets come in, developers should move effort off of "low" priority tasks.
      • Volunteer developers are allowed to work on tickets regardless of priority, but ideally will review code in priority order.