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      • National Library of Finland contributed $15,000.
      • $10,000 remains to be matched. If you have end of year funds, great opportunity to double the contribution.

       6. SCOSS update

a. DSpace was selected as one of three open source infrastructure projects endorsed in SCOSS's latest funding call, which began this fall.

b. Questions for consideration from potential funder:

      • is there a procedure regarding the declaration of links or conflicts of interest within the nomination process in the boards (steering, leadership)?
      • is DSpace considering writing a living will type document in the coming months/years?

c. Working group to look at proposal for policy text - Conflict of Interest statement. Call for volunteers.

       7. Product Visioning Working Group update: Preview of draft recommendations

a. Scott provided an update on the work of the group to date, their charge, and their three preliminary recommendations:

      • Modularize the DSpace Architecture
      • Empower Users
      • Explicitly conform to selected standards and international

b. Report will be out within the next week or two

       8. Any other business, as time allows

a. No time