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DSpace System Documentation: Version History

Table of Contents

Changes in DSpace 1.7.3

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.7.3

Bug Fixes

  • DS-1603 - Resolves a security issue in JSPUI

Changes in DSpace 1.7.2

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.7.2

Changes in DSpace 1.7.1

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.7.1

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.7.1

Changes in DSpace 1.7.0

New Features

Jira Issues
titleNew Features in 1.7.0

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.7.0

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.7.0

Changes in DSpace 1.6.2

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.6.2

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.6.2

Changes in DSpace 1.6.1

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.6.1

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.6.1

Changes in DSpace 1.6.0

New Features

Jira Issues
titleNew Features in 1.6.0

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.6.0

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.6.0

Changes in DSpace 1.5.2

New Features

Jira Issues
titleNew Features in 1.5.2

General Improvements

Jira Issues
titleImprovements in 1.5.2

Bug Fixes

Jira Issues
titleBugs Fixed in 1.5.2

Changes in DSpace 1.5.1

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

(Scott Philips)

  • (Scott Phillips) Fixed bug where users could not finish registering nor reset
    their password because the authentication method signatures were changed.
  • Jay Paz (SF#1898241) Additional fixes to patch to enable reuse of methods.
  • Added the ability to manage sessions with site wide alerts to prevent users from authenticating.
  • Fixes a bug where the ability to edit an item durring workflow step 2 is not displayed.
  • Jay Paz (SF#1898241) Add item Export from jspui and xmlui.
  • Added easy support for google analytics statistics
  • Added the ability for super admins to login as other users.
  • Added an activity viewer to the Control Panel

(Mark Diggory)

  • Fix for SF Bug #2082236 Subscription notification (sub-daily) no emails sent
  • #2102580 William Hays: Duplicate Handle exception when replacing bitstreams
  • #2102617 Sands Fish: X509Authentication fails to assign appropriate specialgroups
  • (Sands Fish) Add "Select Primary Bitstream" functionality to submission workflow
  • Guard against Community/Collection metadata having only whitespace characters
    and eliminate cases where null pointer exceptions would be thrown
  • Improve DSIndexer logic in both branches to support removal of items from index
    when withdrawn from repository.
  • (Sands Fish) Provides fix for AuthenticationUtil where users ID's are not properly compared.
  • Fix NullPointerException cause by nullified Context object in LNI map item to new collection.
  • Block Basic Authentication "details" from being exposed in dspace logs.
  • (Bill Hays) Close InputStreamReaders explicitly to release any file handles back to OS.
  • correct linking on pages when xmlui is the ROOT webapplication
  • correct issue with sitemap redirection of mydspace uri.
  • Add serlet-api to overlay wars to reduce compile time errors when adding classes
  • Correct issues in feed generation
  • XMLUI Adjust Advanced Search to use search properties from dspace.cfg.
  • Correct bug in Body.toSAX where startElement is called instead of end element.
  • Correct issue with libraries being excluded from wars

(Claudia Juergen)

  • Fix for SF bug #2090761 Statistics wrong use of dspace.dir for log location
  • Fix for SF bug #2081930 xmlui hardcoded strings in
  • Fix for SF bug #2080319 jspui hardcoded strings in browse
  • Fix for SF bug #2078305 xmlui hardcoded strings used in UI in xmlui-api
  • Fix for SF bug #2078324 xmlui hardcoded strings used in UI in General-Handler.xsl
  • SF patch #2076066 Review in jspui submission non-dc metadata
  • SF Bug #1983859 added Foreign Lucene Analyzers to poms
  • SF Bug #1989916 - missing LDAP authentication key

(Stuart Lewis)

  • #1947036 Patch for SF Bug1896960 SWORD authentication and LDAP + [1989874] LDAPAuthentication
    pluggable method broken for current users
  • Added copying of registration email template to 1.4 to 1.5 upgrade instructions
  • Fix for SF bug #2055941 LDAP authentication fails for new users in SWORD and Manakin

(Zuki Ebetsu / Stuart Lewis)

  • #1990660 SWORD Service Document are malformed / Corrected Atom publishing MIME types

(Stuart Lewis / Claudia Juergen)

  • Updated installation and configuration documents for new statistics script, and removed references to Perl

(Tim Donohue)

  • Fix for SF bug #2095402 - Non-interactive Submission Steps don't work in JSPUI 1.5
  • Fix for SF bug #2013921 - Movement in Submission Workflow Causes Skipped Steps
  • Fix for SF bug #2015988 - Configurable Submission bug in SubmissionController
  • Fix for SF bug #2034372 - Resorting Search Results in JSPUI always gives no results
  • Updates to Community/Collection Item Counts (i.e. strengths) for XMLUI.
  • 1.5 upgrade instructions were missing Metadata Registry updates necessary to support SWORD.

(Graham Triggs)

  • Fix various problems with resources potentially not being freed, and other minor fixes suggested by FindBugs
  • Replace URLEncoder with StringEscapeUtils for better fix of escaping the hidden query field
  • Fix #2034372 - Resorting in JSPUI gives no results
  • Fix #1714851 - set eperson.subscription.onlynew in dspace.cfg to only include items that are new to the repository
  • Fix issue where the browse and search indexes will not be updated correctly if you move an Item
  • Fix problem with SWORD not accepting multiple concurrent submissions
  • Fix #1963060 Authors listed in reverse order
  • Fix #1970852 - XMLUI: Browse by Issue Date "Type in Year" doesn't work
  • Statistics viewer for XMLUI, based on existing DStat. Note that this generates
    the view from the analysis files (.dat), does not require HTML report generation.
  • Fixed incorrect downloading of bitstream on withdrawn item
  • Add JSPUI compatible log messages to XMLUI transformers
  • Clean up use of ThreadLocal
  • Improved cleanup of database resources when web
    application is unloaded
  • Fix bug #1931799 - duplicate "FROM metadatavalue&quot
  • Fixed Oracle bugs with ILIKE operators and LIMIT/OFFSET clauses

Changes in DSpace 1.5

General Improvements

  • Highly configurable and theme-able new user interface (Manakin).
  • Apache Maven-based modular build system.
  • LNI (Lightweight Network Interface) service. Allows programmatic ingest of content via WebDAV or SOAP.
  • SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit): repository-standard ingest service using Atom Publishing Protocol.
  • Highly configurable item web submission system. All submission steps are configurable not just metadata pages.
  • Browse functionality allowing customisation of the available indexes via dspace.cfg and pluggable normalisation of the sort strings. Integration with both JSP-UI and XML-UI included.
  • Extensible content event notification service.
  • Generation of Google and HTML sitemaps

Bug fixes and smaller patches

  • New options for ItemImporter to support bitstream permissions and descriptions.
  • 1824710 Fix - Change in Creative Commons RDF.
  • 1794700 Fix - Stat-monthly and stat-report-monthly
  • 1566820 Patch - Authentication code moved to new org.dspace.authenticate package, add IP AUth
  • 1670093 Patch - More stable metadata and schema registry import Option to generate community and collection "strength" as a batch job
  • 1659868 Patch - Improved database level debugging
  • 1620700 Patch - Add Community and Sub-Community to OAI Sets
  • 1679972 Fix - OAIDCCrosswalk NPE and invalid character fix, also invalid output prevented
  • 1549290 Fix - Suggest Features uses hard coded strings
  • 1727034 Fix - Method MetadataField.unique() is incorrect for null values
  • 1614546 Fix - Get rid of unused mets_bitstream_id column
  • 1450491 Patch - i18n configurable multilingualism support
  • 1764069 Patch - Replace "String" with "Integer" in PreparedStatement where needed
  • 1743188 Patch - for Request #1145499 - Move Items
  • 179196 Patch - Oracle SQL in Bitstream Checker
  • 1751638 Patch - Set http disposition header to force download of large bitstreams
  • 1799575 Patch - New EPersonConsumer event consumer
  • 1566572 Patch - Item metadata in XHTML head elements
  • 1589429 Patch - "Self-Named" Media Filters (i.e. MediaFilter Plugins) (updated version of this patch)
  • 1888652 Patch - Statistics Rewritten In Java
  • 1444364 Request - Metadata registry exporter
  • 1221957 Request - Admin browser for withdrawn items
  • 1740454 Fix - Concurrency
  • 1552760 Fix - Submit interface looks bad in Safari
  • 1642563 Patch - bin/update-handle-prefix rewritten in Java
  • 1724330 Fix - Removes "null" being displayed in community-home.jsp
  • 1763535 Patch - Alert DSpace administrator of new user registration
  • 1759438 Patch - Multilingualism Language Switch - DSpace Header

Changes in DSpace 1.4.1

General Improvements

  • Error pages now return appropriate HTTP status codes (e.g. 404 not found)
  • Bad filenames in /bitstream/ URLs now result in 404 error – prevents infinite URL spaces confusing crawlers and bad "persistent" bitstream IDs circulating
  • Prevent infinite URL spaces in HTMLServlet
  • InstallItem no longer sets dc.format.extent, dc.format.mimetype; no longer sets default value for dc.language.iso if one is not present
  • Empty values in drop-down submit fields are not added as empty metadata values
  • API methods for searching epeople and groups
  • Support stats from both 1.3 and 1.4
  • [dspace]/bin/update-handle-prefix now runs index-all
  • Remove cases of System.out from code executed in webapp
  • Change "View Licence" to "View License" in
  • dspace.cfg comments changed to indicate what default.language actually means
  • HandleServlet and BitstreamServlet support If-Modified-Since requests
  • Improved sanity-checking of XSL-based ingest crosswalks
  • Remove thumbnail filename from alt-text
  • Include item title in HTML title element
  • Improvements to help prevent spammers and sploggers
  • Make cleanup() commit outstanding work every 100 iterations
  • Better handling where email send failed due to wrong address for new user
  • Include robots.txt to limit bots navigating author, date and browse by subject pages
  • Add css styles for print media
  • RSS made more configurable and provide system-wide RSS feed, also moves text to
  • Jar file updates (includes required code changes for DSIndexer and DSQuery and new jars fontbox.jar and serializer.jar)
  • Various documentation additions and cleanups
  • XHTML compliance improvements
  • Move w3c valid xhtml boiler image into local repository
  • Remove uncessary Log4j Configuration in CheckerCommand
  • Include Windows CLASSPATH in dsrun.bat

Bug fixes

  • 1604037 - UIUtil.encodeBitstream() now correctly encodes URLs (no longer incorrectly substitutes '+' for spaces in non-query segment
  • 1592984 - Date comparisons strip time in org.dspace.harvest.Harvest
  • 1589902 - Duplicate [field] checking error [on input-forms.xml]
  • 1596952 - Collection Wizard create Template missing schema
  • 1596978 - View unfinished submissions - collection empty
  • 1588625 - Incorrect text on item mapper screen
  • 1597805 - DIDL Crosswalk: wrong resource management
  • 1605635 - NPE in
  • 1597504 - Search result page shows shortened query string
  • 1532389 - Item Templates do not work for non-dc fields
  • 1066771 - Metadata edit form dropping DC qualifier
  • 1548738 - Multiple Metadata Schema, schema not shown on edit item page
  • 1589895 - Not possible to add unqualified Metadata Field
  • 1543853 - Statistics do not work in 1.4
  • 1541381 - Browse-by-date and browse-by-title not working
  • 1556947 - NullPointerException when no user selected to del/edit
  • 1554064 - Fix exception handling for ClassCastException in BitstreamServlet
  • 1548865 - Browse errors on withdrawn item
  • 1554056 - Community/collection handle URL with / redirects to homepage
  • 1571490 - UTF-8 encoded characters in licence
  • 1571519 - UTF-8 in statistics
  • 1544807 - Browse-by-Subject/Author paging mechanism broken
  • 1543966 - "Special" groups inside groups bug
  • 1480496 - Cannot turn off "ignore authorization" flag!
  • 1515148 - Community policies not deleting correctly
  • 1556829 - Docs mention old SiteAuthenticator class
  • 1606435 - Workflow text out of context
  • Fix for bitstream authorization timeout
  • Fix to make sure cleanup() doesn't fail with NullPointerException
  • Fix for removeBitstream() failing to update primary bitstream
  • Fix for Advanced Search ignoring conjunctions for arbitrary number of queries
  • Fix minor bug in for Oracle users
  • Fix missing title for news editor page
  • Small modification (change of DSpace copyright text)
  • fix PDFBox tmp file issue
  • Fix HttpServletRequest encoding issues
  • Fix bug in TableRow toString() method where NPE is thrown if tablename not set
  • Update DIDL license and change coding style to DSpace standard

Changes in DSpace 1.4

General Improvements

  • Content verification through periodic checksum checking
  • Support for branded preview image
  • Add/replace Creative Commons in 'edit item' tool
  • Customisable item listing columns and browse indices
  • Script for updating handle prefixes (e.g. for moving from development to production)
  • Configurable boolean search operator
  • Controlled vocabulary patch to provide search on classification terms, and addition of terms during submission.
  • Add 'visibility' element to input-forms.xml
  • Browse by subject feature
  • Log4J enhancement to use XML configuration
  • QueryArgs class can support any number of fields in advanced search.
  • Community names no longer have to be unique
  • Enhanced Windows support
  • Support for multiple (flat) metadata schemas
  • Suggest an item page
  • RSS Feeds
  • Performance enhancements
  • Stackable authentication methods
  • Plug-in manager
  • Pluggable SIP/DIP support and metadata crosswalks
  • Nested groups of e-people
  • Expose METS and MPEG-21 DIDL DIPs via OAI-PMH
  • Configurable Lucene search analyzer (e.g. for Chinese metadata)
  • Support for SMTP servers requiring authentication

Bug fixes

  • 1358197 - Edit Item, empty DC fields not removable
  • 1363633 - Submission step 1 fails when there are no collections
  • 1255264 - Resource policy eperson value was set to wrong column
  • 1380494 - Error deleting an item with multiple metadata schema support
  • 1443649 - Cannot configure unqualified elements for advanced search index
  • 1333687 - Browse-(title|date) fails on withdrawn item
  • 1066713 - Two (sub)communities cannot have one name
  • 1284055 - Two Communities of same name throws error
  • 1035366 - Bitstream size column should be bigint
  • 1352257 - Selecting a Group for GroupToGroup while Creating Collection
  • 1352226 - Navigation and Sorting in Group List (Select Groups) fails
  • 1348276 - Null in collection name causes OAI ListSets to fail
  • 1160898 - dspace_migrate removes Date.Issued from prev published items
  • 1261191 - Malformed METS metadata exported

Changes in DSpace 1.3.2

General Improvements

  • DSpace UI XHTML/WAI compliant
  • Configure metadata fields shown on simple item display
  • Supervisor/workspace help documentation

Bug fixes

  • Oracle compatibility fixes
  • Item exporter now correctly exports metadata in UTF-8
  • fixed to handle 'null' values passed in

Changes in DSpace 1.3.1

Bug fixes

  • 1252153 - Error on fresh install

Changes in DSpace 1.3

General Improvements

  • Initial i18n Support for JSPs - Note: the implementation of this feature required changes to almost all JSP pages
  • LDAP authentication support
  • Log file analysis and report generation
  • Configurable item licence viewing
  • Supervision order/collaborative workspace administrative tools
  • Basic workspace for submissions in progress, with support for supervision
  • SRB storage system option
  • Updated handle server system
  • Database optimisations
  • Latest versions of Xerces, Xalan and OAICAT jars
  • Various documentation additions and cleanups

Bug fixes

  • 1161459 - ItemExporter fails with Too many open files
  • 1167373 - Email date field not populated
  • 1193948 - New item submit problem
  • 1188132 - NullPointerException when Adding EPerson
  • 1188016 - Cannot Edit an Eperson
  • 1219701 - Unable to open unfinished submission
  • 1206836 - community strengths not reflecting sub-community
  • 1238262 - Submit UI nav/progress buttons no longer show progress
  • 1238276 - Double quote problem in some fields in submit UI
  • 1238277 - format support level not shown in "uploaded file" page
  • 1242548 - Uploading non-existing files
  • 1244743 - Bad lookup key for special case of DC Title in
  • 1245223 - Subscription Emailer fails
  • 1247508 - Error when browsing item with no content/bitstream collections
  • Set the content type in the HTTP header
  • Fix issue where EPerson edit would not work due to form indexing (partial fix)
  • POST handling in HTMLServlet
  • Missing ContentType directives added to some JSPs
  • Name dependency on Collection Admin and Submitter groups fixed
  • Fixed OAI-PMH XML encoding

Changes in DSpace 1.2.2

General Improvements

  • Customisable submission forms added
  • Configurable number of index terms in Lucene for full-text indexing
  • Improved scalability in media filter
  • Submit button on collection pages only appears if user has authorisation
  • PostgreSQL 8.0 compatibility
  • Search scope retention to improve browsing
  • Community and collection strengths displayed
  • Upgraded OAICat software

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Oracle too many cursors problem.
  • Fix for UTF-8 encoded searches in advanced search.
  • Fix for handling "\" in bitstream names.
  • Fix to prevent delete of "unknown" bitstream format
  • Fix for ItemImport creating new handles for replaced items

Changes in JSPs

  • collection-home.jspchanged
  • community-home.jspchanged
  • community-list.jspchanged
  • home.jspchanged
  • dspace-admin/list-formats.jspchanged
  • dspace-admin/wizard-questions.jspchanged
  • search/results.jspchanged
  • submit/cancel.jspchanged
  • submit/change-file-description.jspchanged
  • submit/choose-file.jspchanged
  • submit/complete.jspchanged
  • submit/creative-commons.jspchanged
  • submit/edit-metadata.jspnew
  • submit/get-file-format.jspchanged
  • submit/initial-questions.jspchanged
  • submit/progressbar.jspchanged
  • submit/review.jspchanged
  • submit/select-collection.jspchanged
  • submit/show-license.jspchanged
  • submit/show-uploaded-file.jspchanged
  • submit/upload-error.jspchanged
  • submit/upload-file-list.jspchanged

Changes in DSpace 1.2.1

General Improvements

  • Oracle support added
  • Thumbnails in item view can now be switched off/on
  • Browse and search thumbnail options
  • Improved item importer
    • can now import to multiple collections
    • added --test flag to simulate an import, without actually making any changes
    • added --resume flag to try to resume the import in case the import is aborted
  • Configurable fields for the search index
  • Script for transferring items between DSpace instances
  • Sun library JARs (JavaMail, Java Activation Framework and Servlet) now included in DSpace source code bundle

Bug fixes

  • A logo to existing collection can now be added. Fixes SF bug #1065933
  • The community logo can now be edited. Fixes SF bug #1035692
  • MediaFilterManager doesn't 'touch' every item every time. Fixes SF bug #1015296
  • Supported formats help page, set the format support level to "known" as default
  • Fixed various database connection pool leaks

Changed JSPs

  • collection-homechanged
  • community-homechanged
  • display-itemchanged
  • dspace-admin/confirm-delete-collectionmoved to tools/ and changed
  • dspace-admin/confirm-delete-communitymoved to tools/ and changed
  • dspace-admin/edit-collectionmoved to tools/ and changed
  • dspace-admin/edit-communitymoved to tools/ and changed
  • dspace-admin/indexchanged
  • dspace-admin/upload-logochanged
  • dspace-admin/wizard-basicinfochanged
  • dspace-admin/wizard-default-itemchanged
  • dspace-admin/wizard-permissionschanged
  • dspace-admin/wizard-questionschanged
  • help/formats.htmlremoved
  • help/formatschanged
  • indexchanged
  • layout/navbar-adminchanged

Changes in DSpace 1.2

General Improvments

  • Communities can now contain sub-communities
  • Items may be included in more than one collection
  • Full text extraction and searching for MS Word, PDF, HTML, text documents
  • Thumbnails displayed in item view for items that contain images
  • Configurable MediaFilter tool creates both extracted text and thumbnails
  • Bitstream IDs are now persistent - generated from item's handle and a sequence number
  • Creative Commons licenses can optionally be added to items during web submission process


  • If you are logged in as administrator, you see admin buttons on item, collection, and community pages
  • New collection administration wizard
  • Can now administer collection's submitters from collection admin tool
  • Delegated administration - new 'collection editor' role - edits item metadata, manages submitters list, edits collection metadata, links to items from other collections, and can withdraw items
  • Admin UI moved from /admin to /dspace-admin to avoid conflict with Tomcat /admin JSPs
  • New EPerson selector popup makes Group editing much easier
  • 'News' section is now editable using admin UI (no more mucking with JSPs)


  • New tool that exports DSpace content in AIPs that use METS XML for metadata (incomplete)
  • OAI - sets are now collections, identified by Handles ('safe' with /, : converted to _)
  • OAI - now mapped to oai_dc:creator


  • Build process streamlined with use of WAR files, symbolic links no longer used, friendlier to later versions of Tomcat
  • MIT-specific aspects of UI removed to avoid confusion
  • Item metadata now rendered to avoid interpreting as HTML (displays as entered)
  • Forms now have no-cache directive to avoid trouble with browser 'back' button
  • Bundles now have 'names' for more structure in item's content

JSP file changes between 1.1 and 1.2

This list generated with cvs -Q rdiff -s -r dspace-1_1 dspace and a sprinkling of perl.

  • Changed: dspace/jsp/collection-home.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/community-home.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/community-list.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/display-item.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/index.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/home.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/styles.css.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/authorize-advanced.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/authorize-collection-edit.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/authorize-community-edit.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/authorize-item-edit.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/authorize-main.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/authorize-policy-edit.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/collection-select.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/community-select.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-delete-collection.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-delete-community.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-delete-dctype.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-delete-eperson.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-delete-format.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-delete-item.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools: dspace/jsp/admin/confirm-withdraw-item.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/edit-collection.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/edit-community.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/edit-item-form.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/eperson-browse.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/eperson-confirm-delete.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/eperson-edit.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/eperson-main.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/get-item-id.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/group-edit.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/group-eperson-select.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/group-list.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/index.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/item-select.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/list-communities.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/list-dc-types.jsp
  • Removed: dspace/jsp/admin/list-epeople.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/list-formats.jsp
  • Moved to dspace/jsp/tools: dspace/jsp/admin/upload-bitstream.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/upload-logo.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin: dspace/jsp/admin/workflow-abort-confirm.jsp
  • Moved to dspace-admin and changed: dspace/jsp/admin/workflow-list.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/browse/authors.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/browse/items-by-author.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/browse/items-by-date.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/browse/no-results.jsp
  • New: dspace-admin/eperson-deletion-error.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/dspace-admin/news-edit.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/dspace-admin/news-main.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/dspace-admin/wizard-basicinfo.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/dspace-admin/wizard-default-item.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/dspace-admin/wizard-permissions.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/dspace-admin/wizard-questions.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/components/contact-info.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/error/internal.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/help/formats.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/layout/footer-default.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/layout/header-default.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/layout/navbar-admin.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/layout/navbar-default.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/login/password.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/mydspace/main.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/mydspace/perform-task.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/mydspace/preview-task.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/mydspace/reject-reason.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/mydspace/remove-item.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/register/edit-profile.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/register/inactive-account.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/register/new-password.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/register/registration-form.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/search/advanced.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/search/results.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/cancel.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/submit/cc-license.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/choose-file.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/submit/creative-commons.css
  • New: dspace/jsp/submit/creative-commons.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/edit-metadata-1.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/edit-metadata-2.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/get-file-format.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/initial-questions.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/progressbar.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/review.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/select-collection.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/show-license.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/show-uploaded-file.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/upload-error.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/upload-file-list.jsp
  • Changed: dspace/jsp/submit/verify-prune.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/tools/edit-item-form.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/tools/eperson-list.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/tools/itemmap-browse.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/tools/itemmap-info.jsp
  • New: dspace/jsp/tools/itemmap-main.jsp

Changes in DSpace 1.1.1

Bug fixes

  • non-administrators can now submit again
  • installations now preserve file creation dates, eliminating confusion with upgrades
  • authorization editing pages no longer create null entries in database, and no longer handles them poorly (no longer gives blank page instead of displaying policies.)
  • registration page Invalid token error page now displayed when an invalid token is received (as opposed to internal server error.) Fixes SF bug #739999
  • eperson admin 'recent submission' links fixed for DSpaces deployed somewhere other than at / (e.g. /dspace).
  • help pages Link to help pages now includes servlet context (e.g. '/dspace'). Fixes SF bug #738399.


  • bin/ now checks jsp and asset store files for zero-length files
  • make-release-package now works with SourceForge CVS
  • eperson editor now doesn't display the spurious text 'null'
  • item exporter now uses Jakarta's cli command line arg parser (much cleaner)
  • item importer improvements:
    • now uses Jakarta's cli command line arg parser (much cleaner)
    • imported items can now be routed through a workflow
    • more validation and error messages before import
    • can now use email addresses and handles instead of just database IDs
    • can import an item to a collection with the workflow suppressed

Changes in DSpace 1.1

  • Fixed various OAI-related bugs; DSpace's OAI support should now be correct. Note that harvesting is now based on the new Item 'last modified' date (as opposed to the Dublin Core date.available date.)
  • Fixed Handle support--DSpace now responds to naming authority requests correctly.
  • Multiple bitstream stores can now be specified; this allows DSpace storage to span several disks, and so there is no longer a hard limit on storage.
  • Search improvements:
    • New fielded searching UI
    • Search results are now paged
    • Abstracts are indexed
    • Better use of Lucene API; should stop the number of open file handles getting large
  • Submission UI improvements:
    • now insists on a title being specified
    • fixed navigation on file upload page
    • citation & identifier fields for previously published submissions now fixed
  • Many Unicode fixes to the database and Web user interface
  • Collections can now be deleted
  • Bitstream descriptions (if available) displayed on item display page
  • Modified a couple of servlets to handle invalid parameters better (i.e. to report a suitable error message instead of an internal server error)
  • Item templates now work
  • Fixed registration token expiration problem (they no longer expire.)