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Customizing DSpace

Developing with DSpace

  • An overall reference for developing code with DSpace (and creating patches) is available on the Guide to Developing with DSpace page.
  • DSpace Developers Documentation (by Richard Jones) - A general guide to some common objects and methods of doing things with the DSpace source code. It is not a complete guide, and it covers parts of both 1.3.2 and 1.4 (CVS version around March 2006); check your javadocs for definitive method calls.

Documentation for New DSpace Administrators

*Intro to DSpace (August 19, 2009) - written by Cameron Kainerstorfer and Heather Perkins (both of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Instructions for New Admin This is a simple guide to print off for people who will start uploading documents to your instance of DSpace, by Shawna Sadler.