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  1. Announcements
    1. Release Party Date and Time
    2. Vacation reminders
    3. Steering update
  2. fcrepo-java-client  release
  3. Import Export PR needs a review:
  4. New tickets
    1. :  write directly to S3 in f4/5→ 6 migration
      1. ttps://
    2. docker compose to replace fcrepo-vagrant
    3. Dockerfile for camel toolbox
  5. Urgent release related issues?
  6. Low hanging tickets  Fedora for  some  light  summer  coding:
    1. updating a binary resource via the web console fails
    2. Return Link header indicating the AG of a resource (if applicable)
    3.   Malformed linked header gives NPE
    4.   remove deprecated methods (housekeeping)
    5. Improve duplicate key exception
  7. Tickets to be prioritized:
  8. Your topic


  1. Announcements
    1. Release Party - Still trying to figure out date, might use tech call time or a Friday in August
    2. Waiting until September to reach out and find out people's needs for Fedora 6
  2. fcrepo-java-client
    1. Ready to be released
    2. Should get support for transactions eventually
  3. Parallelizes export and logs URIs that failed or waiting to be processed
  4. New tickets
    1. Write to S3 - PR ready but lower priority
    2. Need to dockerize camel toolbox once the update is complete
  5. Possibly get sprint in September for a maintenance release
    1. Might not be needed but something to start thinking about