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Michele Mennielli David Corbly Bram Luyten (Atmire) Jenn Bielewski Jose Carvalho and Raquel Martins Truta

Not Attending:

Pascal-Nicolas Becker Susanna Mornati (4Science) emilio lorenzo 


TopicLead byActions
DSpace press releaseJennSend copy to group: see EMAIL (Monday, June 21)
OR2021 presentations/recordings- send to Jenn for twitter/DSpace youtubeJennSend Jenn your recording for youtube playlist
Update DSpace website with DSpace 7JennWe'll need to continue working here for quick DSpace 7 changes
Draft DSpace Digest--JulyJennAiming to release Digest in conjuction with DSpace 7.0 (Early August)
Open itemsJennSee notes below

NOTES: Very good meeting-- lots of new ideas shared.

Videos: We need a new video for the website. How can we do this in time?

Bram offered but it would be branded (Atmire). This led to a discussion of yes, we need videos but we also need to be fair. This opened the conversation to how to we set common strategies and style guides for videos, shared documents, etc. We will add this to the next agenda. Also, multi-lingual videos.

Bram will make a video because he is going to anyways (thank you) but how do we call for others to make videos and how to we ensure fairness? More to discuss here. Also, is there a way to call for more videos from the community? Again, people will want to brand (makes sense) so how do we handle this?

For the upcoming DSpace 7.0 Press Release,  Bram shared the Endorsement wiki page. We will check with these organizations to make sure we can still use their endorsements. If yes, this is a great ad to our marketing of DSpace and can include the endorsements, 1 or 2 of them on the Press Release, website and future Newsletters/Digest.

The Press Release is in draft. See your email (monday, June 21) for the draft. This will be sent when DSpace 7.0 is officially released. Draft will be translated into several languages. We will need volunteers to proof. Jose has volunteered for Portuguese.

OR2021 recordings: If you presented and have your recording url, please send to Jenn ( for youtube. We also can add these videos to the upcoming Digest/Newsletter.

INTERESTING idea to flesh out: How to we encourage early adoption?? 1st in my country to upgrade to DSpace 7.0. What are some incentives? A contest? Free membership (not doable–hard to do), a lottery (some orgs can not receive "gifts"), how do we promote upgrading to DSpace 7.0? Adding this to the next agenda to continue this very interesting idea! This is something we do need to think about. We need to move orgs off of older versions of DSpace and to test, find bugs, enhance and push the development of DSpace 7.x

Please add anything I might have forgotten:

Zoom information:

Jennifer Bielewski is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.