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  • Announcements
    • Barring no changes release by June 18th
    • Migration workshop in a few weeks
  • Migration-Utils slowdown
    • Still waiting on prometheus/grafana access
  • Release Testing
    • People can pick up tests as they have time, would be good to have them for release
    • Might add migration tests to verify those as well
  • Release Updates
  • Tickets
    • Non-critical issues, but would be good to get in
    • FCREPO-3678 - Tomcat configuration needs to be documented for the RemoteIpValve
    • FCREPO-3620 - Should be resolved before cutting the release of the import-export-utility
  • Camel Toolbox
    • Should be done soon
  • Fedora 5
    • Modeshape artifacts pushed to sonatype
    • Modeshape release ready to be published, Fedora release will follow after
  • Things to prioritize post Fedora 6 release?
    • OAI-PMH? Fixity?


  •  Look through migration util commits since December to see if there are any potential causes of performance drop off.
  •  cut the release candidate today
  •  Calvin will adjust the prometheus.yml targets line to point at the localhost fedora on port 8080 to run the metric on prometheus docker compose