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Advanced Tables - Table Plus



  1. What has everyone been working on?
  2. What will you be working on over the next couple weeks?
  3. Are there any blockers that are preventing you from getting work done?
Sample Data issues and questions

Priorities and areas of focus

  1. Timeline for remaining work
  2. Possible cut-over date
  3. Documentation tasks
Wrap-up and next steps


  1. Dara
    1. Working in BD base theme
    2. OCR issue has been resolved, tab is still visible
    3. Doing QC on Access Controls work
    4. Next sprint: SSO
    5. Update Whitman staging early next week and then update prod by late next week
    6. Long titles - how should this be handled?
      1. Amy will work with the metadata group on this
  2. Amy
    1. Access Controls are required for cut-over
    2. Need to look at VTT transcripts
    3. Newspaper ingest - how to speed up ingest
    4. Blocks and vanity URLs - wait until migration is complete to play around on staging
    5. SSO and domain name cut-over
      1. SSO is pretty straightforward, same with cut-over
    6. Differences in spreadsheet prep for Workbench vs. IMI ingest
      1. Whitman team will work with Alan on this offline 
    7. Display hints
      1. Images get Open Seadragon, PDFs get PDF.js
  3. Alan
    1. Ingest is likely to take weeks rather than months
    2. Hypercube does not scale well, but Alan has workarounds in place
      1. Working on bringing OCR over from 7.x instead of generating new OCR