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  1. Danny Bernstein
  2. David Wilcox 
  3. Jared Whiklo 
  4. Peter Winckles 
  5. Daniel Lamb (star) 
  6. Ben Pennell 
  7. Thomas Bernhart 
  8. Calvin Xu 
  9. Michael Ritter 
  10. Rosie Le Faive 
  11. Yinlin Chen 


  1. Announcements
  2. Date format in migration-utils.
  3. Testing
    1. migration-utils slow-down update
  4. Updates on the performance improvement work
    1. Short-lived transactions related issues
      1. Reads to large containers unacceptably slow (needs more testing)
    2. Caching
  5. Pr-release short list of bug fixes and improvements
    1. : Fedora 5 -> 6 upgrade fails if a Fedora 5 export has retrieved the external binaries
    2. Update fcrepo-java-client to run against Fedora 6
    3. De-OSGI-ify camel toolbox
  6. Any other new tickets/issues to be considered for the release
  7. CodeGuru
  8. Hash URI's and the possibilities
  9. Your topic


  1. Issues with date formats in migration-utils is getting worked on
  2. migration-utils testing
    1. Calvin is wrangling institutional policies in order to install docker and docker-compose
    2. UVA is close to being able to test and confirm their migration after bandwidth issues with AWS
    3. Whitman is in the middle of test migrations
  3. Performance updates
    1. Everything's cached right now except for some containment and ACLs
      1. ACLs are on the to-do list and have value, but given the nature of how they are applied, are tricky to invalidate
  4. CodeGuru
    1. It's an automated tool that does code review from Amazon.  Yinlen Yinlin ran it on the codebase and it popped 18 warning, none of which major. 
    2. Can be added to CI/CD to test PRs automatically
  5. Hash URIs
    1. As of Fedora 5 you could use them, but they can't be dereferenced on their own
    2. As of Fedora 6, you can have multiple entities referenced wihtin within a single RDFSource