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  1. Brian Lowe
  2. Benjamin Kampe 
  3. Georgy Litvinov (star) 
  4. Michel Héon 
  5. William Welling  (star)
  6. Huda Khan 


  1. Announcements / updates
  2. Release  Release issues
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  3.  RC1 testing / announcement
  4.  Making meetings useful and productive
    1. What do you need for your work?
    2. Scheduling topic-centric meetings versus working sessions to collaborate on issues?
    3. Frequency
  5. Prioritizing and scheduling post-1.12 development

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  1. Announcements
    1. Last couple of meetings we spent talking about VIAB. Last week the Leadership group discussed VIAB. Brian passed Google Doc prepared for Leadership Group. They got the basic idea we talked about: ingest, pushing things in the direction of semantic web. Leadership Group leaning in the direction of hosted kind of thing, consider funding reciter development. Idea of having more detailed user stories also is going to be taken into consideration. More detailed proposal is going to be discussed in the next meeting and publicly available on 16 of June. Will see what new details will be. William: Do they want some kind of cloud software? It has contrast with VIVO Studio (VIVO in Eclipse), maybe we could align these two ideas.
      Brian: It is hard to foresee if that would be a dominant idea or not. Not clear what majority will lean to.
      William: both ideas are good. Don't think that two ideas are mutually exclusive. That would be neat to combine those two ideas.
      Brian: That could require rearchitecting?

William: Don’t think so. VIVO Studio could be a gateway to various sources. Could be a source to various sources.

Michel: Having VIVO locally is very interesting, to give librarians many new opportunities. Designers also have new ways to customize VIVO. Give facilities to recompile VIVO for nonprogrammers. Extract VIVO from Github and recompile and republish it. Not sure that this will be useful in a cloud. 

William: VIVO Studio is more like a sandbox, to integrate various components. Librarians could work with it locally and deploy it in a cloud.

Universities don't have any developers and need a way to simplify all technically complex steps.

Michel: It could take a month to teach a librarian how to work with VIVO.

They don’t need to install various things on the machine, everything is encapsulated in VIVO Studio. Current problem is to merge with a new eclipse composer. 

  1. VIVO Conference ahead. New proposals are welcome. 150 words of abstract.
    There are two options: 20 minutes presentation or 7 minute lightning talk.
  1. Bug VIVO-1974 

If you turn on the subquery hidden setting then it adds the same optimizations for TDB and SDB that make dramatic speed improvements. These pull requests default values to true. Since it doesn’t change functionality we could turn it on. Georgy will test and review it.

  1. Documentation
    1. Some minor documentation changes to make RC1 more attractive, to point people to VIVO 1.12. 
    2. Last week Brian started looking at this documentation which is a simple copy of previous documentation, it is a little confusing with older stuff. Brian edited it. It had links to VIVO and Vitro. Made links to documentation about languages.
      Bigger question is to make sanity checks. Does it make sense to have highlighted blocks to simplify info for users like
      “Are you installing for the first time - Go here” 

“Are you going to test it - Jump here”
William: we should simple links: installing from scratch, upgrading from previous versions and etc.

Now documentation links are a bit confusing.
It would be nice to catch people’s attention on the first page with an introduction.

We can improve documentation pages order. Create some pre introduction page to help people navigate in documentation

Michel: Do we want to consider Internationalization as a core feature of VIVO? If it is a core software, then it would be nice to add it into the Installing section. If you want to do it directly it would not be easy. 

Brian: Good note. Will try to fix that.

  1. RC1 Testing
    1. William simplified the process of sending test results for users with Google Form. We will be able to have feedback from people going through testing. 

Michel: inside old VIVO documentation there is something that wasn’t copied to the new version. 

Brian: If there is something missed please or want to add something - feel free to do so.

Michel: VIVO is making inferences by class… There are some tests in source code and inferencing could be activated from outside. If we can use tools outside of VIVO and use it as an inferencer - that would be a useful recipe. 

  1. Making meetings more productive
    1. Are we happy with our meeting or we want to tweak something?


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