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title7.0 Final : Next Steps / How to get there
  1. Final analysis of Testathon feedback
    1. VOLUNTEER HELP APPRECIATED: (Maureen & Bram at DCAT have been asked to help with this) Final review of Test Plan spreadsheet. Ensure all feedback/bug reports are captured in GitHub Issue tickets (most already should be), so that we can prioritize, etc
    2. UNTESTED TASKS (needing volunteers)::
      1. (Andrea Bollini (4Science) and Tim Donohue will work on getting this setup on so that it can be tested on our demo site) Test Handle Server setup/functionality with a real handle prefix (see T044 in Test Plan spreadsheet).  Make sure URLs are redirected properly (as this was overlooked during Testathon)
      2. (Needs volunteer) DSpace 7 Security Analysis (In our dev process, we have been running automated security checks, but an external analysis would be nice)
      3. (Needs volunteer) DSpace 7 Performance Analysis (In our dev process, we've done past performance analysis, but more "real life" checks would be nice)
  2. Final analysis of Accessibility Results (from Deque) - assigned to Tim Donohue 
    1. Analyze all "Critical" (72) and "Serious" (293) accessibility issues (link requires login). Turn into GitHub Issue tickets & prioritize & assign for estimation
  3. Estimating/Announcing 7.0 Release Date
    1. Requires estimating all high/medium priority TBD tickets:
    2. Requires completing both analyses above
  4. Ongoing bug fixing / code reviews of remaining 7.0 tickets (with concentration on high/medium priority)
    1. Fix all "high priority" bugs and ideally all "medium priority" bugs on our 7.0 board
    2. Review/test all PRs assigned to you for review/testing:
  5. Finishing 7.0 Technical Documentation
    1. More eyes on Installing DSpace (especially the Angular UI instructions)
    2. See also, Documentation tickets at