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David Wilcox

Terrie R. Wheeler

Julia Trimmer

Michele Mennielli

Bruce Herbert


Ann Beynon


Julia Trimmer



  1. Announcements
  2. Review membership changes since last meeting
  3. Review new VIVO registered sites since last meeting
    1. Welcome package for new registered users
  4. Review list of active VIVO sites
    1. Progress update on investigating potentially inactive sites
  5. Establishing regional users groups
    1. Updates on North American and European efforts
      1. North American VIVO User Group page 
      2. Draft a message to all attendees: maintain the momentum, establish UG resources
      3. Individual follow-up for potential members
  6. Organizing a VIVO-in-a-Box community call
  7. Other ways to raise funding
    1. Project based, one-time funding
    2. Tiered service model
  8. Collecting better user data
    1. What would be reasonable/beneficial?
  9. Marketing video
    1. Check-in on progress - anything for this group to do?


  1. VIVO Leadership Group meeting update
    1. Bruce asked Christian to provide feedback on VIVO in a box from the German perspective
  2. User groups
    1. DSpace example of establishing a consortial membership for German institutions
      1. 35 members in a consortium that combined pay more than 2 Platinum memberships
      2. Consortium acts as a Platinum member, elects one representative in governance
      3. Mic will talk to Christian about this
  3. VIVO in a box
    1. American universities want something simple to implement
    2. European institutions have different needs
      1. Self-edit capabilities (required by GDPR)
      2. Research impact - needed for public funding
      3. VIVO Scholar would have been useful in the past but institutions have already invested in VIVO core to the point where it would cost too much to switch
    3. VIVO can be another discovery layer for the repository
      1. More interoperability between LYRASIS programs would be beneficial
    4. Targeted at new, smaller users. Existing users likely won't benefit
      1. Can the community maintain both VIVO and VIVO in a box?
      2. Need to reach out to smaller institutions to validate the proposal

Action Items