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  • Alan Stanley
  • Amy Blau
  • Dana Bronson
  • Dara Virks
  • David Wilcox
  • Kun Lin
  • Paige Morfitt 


Advanced Tables - Table Plus



  1. What has everyone been working on?
  2. What will you be working on over the next couple weeks?
  3. Are there any blockers that are preventing you from getting work done?

Priorities and areas of focus

  1. What needs attention over the next couple weeks?
Wrap-up and next steps


  1. Whitman college
    1. Nailing down field labels and field names from BD worksheets
      1. Mostly done, just completing work with linked agents/entities
    2. Linked agents
      1. Lots of different roles that can be assigned and faceted on
        1. If an agent has multiple roles, would all of their roles appear when they are selected as a facet?
          1. Should just display the currently selected role
          2. Probably want to limit the number of roles so as not to overwhelm users
          3. Also don't need to facet on every role, could limit to a subset of available roles
        2. Person vs. subject
          1. Possible to reference a person as a person or as a subject
          2. This will look the same to a user but on the back end the entity could be stored as a person, a subject, or both
    3. Establishing server access for pilot team based on IP addresses
    4. Testing access controls
      1. Will test with open access materials to start before testing with actual sensitive materials
    5. Column names in spreadsheets for import
      1. When do these need to be finalized?
      2. These are trivial to change - we can set a flag on import to detect whether or not the headers have changed
  2. Born Digital
    1. Working on access condition taxonomy to control appearance of download button
    2. Custom fields for repository item content type
      1. Will add this as configuration
      2. Theses may be split out as a separate content type in the future but for now they will be repository items
    3. Site install
      1. Working on getting a local machine for Alan to work on
      2. Prod server is up and running
      3. S3 storage will be server side only - Alan's local machine will write to local storage
      4. Missing admin role on the server so a reinstall will be required
      5. Prod will be stable environment - Alan will push to staging first and then to prod
      6. Fedora will support multiple OCFL roots in one S3 bucket but ISLE doesn't currently support this
  3. Alan
    1. Some issues running Workbench on a local install
      1. Likely an issue with certificates
    2. Issue with Workbench
      1. Files with the same filename get overwritten during migration