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Testing is a complex subject that sometimes is overlooked during the development of a software application, but is crucial to its success. In this document I want to do a quick introduction to testing of applications, so users with less experience in the subject can understand the aims and benefits as well as how we achieve those aims. Please feel free to add any correction or extra information you feel relevant. Also, my native language is not English, so I apologise if you find some parts of the text hard to understand. Feel free to advise me a correction.

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Please note in this document when referring to DSpace I'm talking about the vanilla DSpace code. Customisations in the code may have an impact on what's described here.


The advantage of this procedure is that we develop the tests (mainly Unit Tests and Integration Tests, but also Functional Tests when required) as we develop the code. Having to create the test first makes us think about the problem deeper, ensuring we are aware of all the requirements. In short, this leads to simpler code which will result easier to maintain and that already has tests to validate it.

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This page has been created with help from Stuart Lewis, Scott Phillips and Gareth Waller. I want to thank them all for their comments. Some information has been taken from Wikipedia to make the text more complete. I'm to blame for errors in the text.