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  1. Chris Awre 
  2. Thomas Bernhart
  3. Danny Bernstein 
  4. Robert Cartolano 
  5. Dan Coughlin
  6. Jon Dunn 
  7. Dan Field
  8. Raman Ganguly
  9. Jennifer Gilbert
  10. Mark Jordan
  11. Danny Lamb
  12. Rosalyn Metz 
  13. Este Pope 
  14. Scott Prater
  15. Robin Ruggaber 
  16. Tim Shearer
  17. Andrew Woods 
  18. Dustin Slater 
  19. Jennifer Vinopal 
  20. David Wilcox
  21. Arran Griffith
  22. Maurice York
  23. Laurie Arp 
  24. Robert Miller
  25. Ben Wallberg
  26. Emily Gore
  27. Oliver Schöner


Advanced Tables - Table Plus



Introductions and Welcome

10 minsDavid

Technology - Fedora 6.0 Release Criteria

We will review the proposed criteria for the Fedora 6.0 Production release as discussed at the last Quarterly Leadership Meeting.

  1. Core software: stakeholder sign-off
  2. Migration tooling: stakeholder sign-off
  3. Validation tool:  stakeholder sign-off
  4. Validation of key integrations:
    1. Samvera (Valkyrie)
    2. Islandora
  5. Documentation complete
  6. Performance and scale requirements: stakeholder sign-off

Goal: Achieve consensus on the requirements for production release.

15 minsDanny

Strategy Sub-Group Reports (10 mins each)

Product Technology

Communication, Outreach, Marketing & Community

Governance & Business Model

Goal: Ensure alignment around group priorities, encourage Leaders to participate in a group.

30 mins

Break (10 mins)10 mins

Strategic Planning for Upcoming Fiscal Year

Review of program staff rolls following the release of Fedora 6.0 to ensure they serve the goals the program is aiming to achieve.

Two proposals to consider:

  • Senior developer focused on writing code, testing, documentation, etc.
    • Maintain momentum on software development
    • Remain responsive to community software requests
  • Technical Lead focused on training, building capacity, growing the developer community
    • Focus on capacity building
    • More community engagement, long-term growth of committers team
    • Slower software development and responsiveness to requests

We will be broken into smaller groups to facilitate discussion surrounding these goals and options.

Goal: Agree on program needs for technical role going forward.

30 mins

Recap of Breakout

15 mins

Wrap-up, Action Items10 minsDavid