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Michele Mennielli Susanna Mornati (4Science) Jose Carvalho Raquel Truta

Jennifer Bielewski is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Zoom badge/background update

Open Items

Meeting minutes and notes

Website update: no new news. Website architecture has not been determined yet. Because of this, website will not be ready by Open Repositories in June. Will ask Meg for an update and we'll continue to have this as an agenda topic.

Twitter/youtube: We have gained some more followers. Jenn will continue to add more followers and tweet more content

DSpace Google Form: Jenn sent the form to the DSpace Google Group. We gained 3 new followers immediately and 2 completed the form: Univ of Minnesota and Lunar Planetary.

Jenn will reach out to both and ask them if they can submit more details so we can have content about their instance for the Newsletter.

Zoom and DSpace badges: overall designs are liked. Add more decals/badges for membership levels. Zoom banner: replace smaller DSpace with #dspacetweets and leave the LYRASIS area blank for org logo (zoom to use at user groups/conference zoom meetings.

Welcome message to those who register their DSpace instance or become members: Mic will draft a message for us to review.

Swag: Jenn will ask if there is money in budget for swag for Welcome packages/members

Registry in general: can we add a membership level? Jenn will ask Bill (LYRASIS) who manages/creates the registry form.