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OBSOLETE. We no longer use JIRA and have migrated to GitHub Issues.




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rootDeveloper Meetings


Jira Cleanup Sessions

When the agenda for a meeting allows for it, occasionally a DSpace Committers meeting will begin with a quick review and cleanup of recent issues logged in DSpace JIRA.

Overview of Jira Cleanup Process

The Jira Cleanup session (usually 15-30 minutes) is led by 1-2 developers:

  • A 'feeder' to copy and paste the next issue and link in, to start the review of that issue
  • A 'completer' to analyse the votes and comments at the end of the minute to draw it to a consensus

Each new issue will be introduced by the 'feeder' once the previous issue has been concluded. A new issue will be introduced in this general format:

Code Block - Checksum Checker reports on bitstreams which do not have "in_archive" status]

Each participant will then have approximately one minute to read that page, and decide how they think the issue should be dealt with. There are three options for voting:

  • +1: If you think the issue is important and should stay in JIRA.
  • 0: If you do not know, or are not well-enough informed about the issue
  • -1: If you think the issue should be closed. If you vote -1, please append a reason such as:
    • -1 Out of scope: If the issue is out of scope for core DSpace
    • -1 Out of date: If the issue is not now pertinent to the community
    • -1 Duplicate DS-xxx: If the issue is is a duplicate of another issue
    • -1 Won't fix: If the issue does not need fixing

If you require more time to read and understand the issue, please say 'more time'. If several people say this, the time allocated to the issue can be extended at the discretion of the 'completer'.

Please vote with a '0' rather than staying silent if you have no opinion on an issue. That way the completer knows that, rather than waiting for a vote.