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  • Qa Sinopia Collaboration – Support and evolve QA+cache instance for use with QA
    • 2020-12-04 Working on creating issues for all remaining work on new indexing approach.  Started in Uber issue (Issue #383).  Addressed 2 issues in QA 
    • 2020-12-04 Dave's indexing accuracy for tests: Dave thinks it is better across the board; Lynette building comparison into UI, currently manual process. Some conversations around this are happening in Slack – moving that documentation into Issues to allow for post-fact review. Performance is consistently better – issues is ensuring that accuracy is consistently better... and assessing why if not. Analysis up to this point was primarily for LoC... now doing analysis for all authorities. Users tend to ask more of QA than they ask of other tools that already exist (e.g.: when search id.loc or OCLC, there is a lot of paging.. but in user requests for QA, expectation is that desired result is within first few). OCLC also has weight that accounts for frequency of use
    • 2020-12-11 Lynette has done work on some QA bugs and on the QA servers, OCLC changed processing of queries which means encoding was necessary. Have updated "check status" option to allow comparison which brings up a side-by-side comparison. Have also added a facility to mark tests as "pending" so that rspec regression tests can flags tests that sopt working or that start working. Have created new project board to highlight issues. Steven will look at this board to help Dave with any extra information
  •  Cache Containerization Plan - Develop a sustainable solution that others can deploy
    • 2020-12-11 Ball is in Greg's court. Will release new version before the QA Sinopia meeting next Wednesday. Hope to have containerized DB up and running and push JSON config.
  • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group 
    • 2020-12-11 See notes above. Next meeting on Monday, will categorize levels of user story today to show path from cataloger stories to provider stories. Technically this will be the last meeting of the WG. Will need to think about what is next in the New Year