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Table of Contents

DSpace Maven Modules

DSpace "Addon Modules" are explicitly Maven Module Projects that are "part of" the DSpace distribution process or can be added to your DSpace instance to enhance its functionality. DSpace Addon Modules may have an SVN location, but generally are distributed as Maven Artifacts via the Maven Central Repository, thus you can add them to your DSpace installation as dependencies rather than patching your source to add functionality.

References concerning Maven Artifact and MultiModule Projects

Optional Functionality for DSpace

Refer to for a list of separately released add-on modules for DSpace.


The content below dates from 2010 and needs to be updated. DSpace 2.0 is prototyping work that has never been released separately. Furthermore, dspace-stats and dspace-discovery have been merged into dspace-api and are no longer released as separate modules

Packaged Core Modules (under Trunk and Available via the Maven central repository)

Maintained Addon Modules (under Modules and Available in Maven)

DSpace Modules that reside in the DSpace svn repository under

Supported Module Projects

These Modules are all currently distributed with out-of-the-box DSpace

New Active Addon Module Projects

DSpace 2.0 Modules Projects

Module Name

Source Location

Google Guice Service Manager:

Identifier Mapping Database Persistence Addon

DSpace 1.6 and 2.0 REST Webservices

Relational Database Persistence Support

Fedora StorageService Support

Jackrabbit StorageService Support

Sesame StorageService Support

User Database Persistence Addon

DSpace 2.0 WebMVC Web Application

DSpace 2.0 XMLUI Web Application

Other Module Projects

Unmaintained Addon's and Code Samples

Module Name

Source Location

Simple LNI Client


CAS SSO Support