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  • for issues etc. 
  • Preliminary draft of a discovery plan- intended to get feedback:
  • Strand 1: production piece (i.e.: picking features we've already worked on to then push those into production): discogs, autosuggest. Feature branches in the code to work on features in isolation. Still need to discuss discogs with Tracey (post- 9/2). Preliminary pass with discogs features using latest production (from a few days ago) successful (tried on dev vm and will try on ld4p3 demo using continuous integration later)
    • Steps:
      • Discussion with Tracey re. use case and benefit – DONE
      • LTS engagement re. metadata - DONE
      • Production requirements and functionality – Production decision points
      • Demo and discussion with D&A User Reps and dev team – DONE
      • Following up after user reps meeting
        • ACTION - Tim will sort out code in LD4P3 repo and look at adding button to highlight Discogs field next week
          • 2020-10-30 Tim is been working on this. Worked to improve speed by moving code from JavaScript to Rail but that had significant slowdown (~1s). Now doing search in the controller and then doing second call in JavaScript. Image comes back with first call. Thinking about timeout to avoid problems if Discogs response is slow
        • Tim hopes to demo to the User Reps on the Nov 5 meeting
          • 2020-10-30 Still planning to do this
  • Strand 2: research: how to go from knowledge graph to an index - what decisions are needed. What are the data sources for each (e.g.: how many Cornell faculty in wikidata)? Present: reviewing data sources and questions. Should have more worked out in a week or two. Main areas of concern: browsing and dashboard... and anything we can do to help patrons navigate our collections and how we can highlight an entity... and what does that mean for the index? How do we capture the relevant bits of the graph for an index? Is there a repo for this? Not yet... but can use discovery repo ( we already have to capture any queries or related work.
    • Research decision points
    • Use cases - first review 2020-09-18
      • Interest in the dashboard idea (full page for entity) that extends on the idea of an embedded knowledge panel
      • Goal of functional prototype for end of year
      • How will we test it? Remote testing would work but will students want/have-time to talk with us? Can we pay them?
    • Discovery Affinity Group is looking at design ideas
    • DASH! (Displaying Authorities Seamlessly Here)
      • Dashboard design meeting kickoff notes - will also try to understand what our data will support or connections to other data sources
      • 2020-10-23 Demo! Huda will continue to work on design elements for the dashboard, wondering about additional data connections, get to a sufficiently good prototype to start to get some feedback. Next Tuesday there will be a discussion in DAG of data connections to support particular user tasks
        • Dev/Design exploration: Worked on highlighting the selected period in the timeline.  (Attempts at triggering card selection didn't seem to work at all.)  Leaflet map inclusion to also display location for entity and to also display all the PeriodO locations.
          • Next steps:  Linking back information to the catalog.  Noting where performance isn't great (the timeline can get "stuck").  May be sufficient for a working prototype
          • Jason: Useful to include information from other sources, showing how users may still get to resources from BorrowDirect/WorldCat/IvyPlus. 
          • Steven: Including options for user to go from the timeline/map and search collections, search the bento box
          • Simeon: Timeline and map linked? Clicking on location, for example, also loads the subject display above and the timeline, etc.?
    • Discovery Affinity Group meetingVery well attended. Provided recap of Wikidata and LC connections we've already included.  Started on discussion of BIBFRAME specifics.  Will probably require further discussion and will try to retrieve more information.
    • On a related note, Discovery Days round robin yesterday (2020-10-29) included review of usability post-COVID (Harvard and U Chicago both mentioned work they've done in this vein).  Will pursue further discussions to see if we can learn about techniques that may help with reaching out to our student/researcher population. 
    • Steven notes Matt Miller work on connections between library authority work and wikidata, also PCC has wikidata pilot project which has some people creating wikidata entities and linking to them from MARC. Most work in special collections so generalization not always immediate

Linked-Data Authority Support (WP2) - A key element of this work package is a sustainable solution that others can deploy. Questions of budget for deployment. Need to get all code into LD4P repository. What would a good end-product look like both for our maintenance and for others to use

  • Qa Sinopia Collaboration
    • 2020-10-30 Didn't meet this week.  Lynette at conference. Steven has been working with Dave on index improvements for Getty TGN, indexing is complex because of the highly nested data structures
  • Cache Containerization Plan
    • 2020-10-30 - See notes above.
  • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group 
    • 2020-10-30
      • Meeting - 2020-10-26 - Completed developer user stories.  Showed a preview of the survey to send to the group and PCC to prioritize the cataloger user stories.  The UI for the sorting into bins is bad.  The bins don't stay on the screen as you scroll up and down to view all the user stories.  This will make moving stories into bins difficult.  I'm exploring CSS that might make this better.  Next meeting will start on Provider user stories.
      • ACTION: Lynette needs to finalize the survey for cataloger user stories for PCC feedback and ranking by working group. 
    From 2020-01-19 Sinopia call

Developing Cornell's functional requirements in order to move toward linked data