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  1. Download the latest version of the  migration-utils utility:

  2. Follow the instructions in the migration-utils README:
  3. Start up Fedora on top of your newly created Fedora 6 OCFL-compliant repository using the -Dfcrepo.home configuration property.


  1. Export your Fedora 4.7.5 repository to disk using the latest release of the Fedora Import ExportTool (v0.3.0)
  2. Upgrade your Fedora 4.7.5 export to a Fedora 5.1.1 export using the latest release of Fedora Upgrade Utility
  3. Upgrade the Fedora 5.1.1 export to Fedora 6 compliant OCFL using the same utility except this time using the output of the previous step as the input for this task and adjusting the source and target parameters accordingly.
  4. Start up your Fedora 6 pointing to the newly created OCFL in the previous step.