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    • for issues etc. 
    • Preliminary draft of a discovery plan- intended to get feedback:
    • Strand 1: production piece (i.e.: picking features we've already worked on to then push those into production): discogs, autosuggest. Feature branches in the code to work on features in isolation. Still need to discuss discogs with Tracey (post- 9/2). Preliminary pass with discogs features using latest production (from a few days ago) successful (tried on dev vm and will try on ld4p3 demo using continuous integration later)
      • Steps:
        • Discussion with Tracey re. use case and benefit – DONE
        • LTS engagement re. metadata - DONE
        • Production requirements and functionality – Production decision points
        • Demo and discussion with D&A User Reps and dev team – See actions above from last week
          • Have branch with discogs code on dev VM and demo server from LD4P fork, but still issues with the assets folder under Rails not showing current version (these are generally copied in during the Rails deploy process)
          • Update 10/9/2020: Manually cleared out the assets folder on the two rails servers and ran Jenkins deploy more than once and saw only one copy of the files, so hopefully this is fine now.  Will keep an eye on the assets folders.   
          • How do we run the demo meeting next week? Simeon intro mention demo and mockups of alternatives, turn over to Steven to mention catalog override and then demo from Tim
    • Strand 2: research: how to go from knowledge graph to an index - what decisions are needed. What are the data sources for each (e.g.: how many Cornell faculty in wikidata)? Present: reviewing data sources and questions. Should have more worked out in a week or two. Main areas of concern: browsing and dashboard... and anything we can do to help patrons navigate our collections and how we can highlight an entity... and what does that mean for the index? How do we capture the relevant bits of the graph for an index? Is there a repo for this? Not yet... but can use discovery repo ( we already have to capture any queries or related work.
  • Linked-Data Authority Support (WP2) - A key element of this work package is a sustainable solution that others can deploy. Questions of budget for deployment. Need to get all code into LD4P repository. What would a good end-product look like both for our maintenance and for others to use
    • Qa Sinopia Collaboration
      • 2020-10-0209
        • Meeting with ShareVDE this week (09-29).  ShareVDE will provide download for CKB and Dave will cache.  Dave plans to do a combined search index for all institution data.  There was a discussion on change management for CKB.  I provided them with documentation on the API doc I put together last year.  We discussed issues related to Change Management more and I offered to have discussions with them and Dave about how best to do this.
        • Discussed direct access but that doesn't look possible because of API and performance, so Dave needs to cache
        • Added local authorities for property_type and property_attribute per request from Sinopia dev team.  Released on production (per links)
        • Open request to add small authorities from LC. Dave is adding to cache and Lynette will then add config to QA
    • Cache Containerization Plan
      • 2020-10-02 - Greg is working on deploying on AWS09 -Update under action items.
    • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group is still working through use developer user cases, this seems very important to take sufficient time
      • 2020-10-02
        • Met last Monday.  Continuing work on developer user stories.  Wikidata participated in the conversation.
        • Need to get contact information from Steven to share with PCC.  Looking at creating a survey that will allow for prioritization by PCC and the working group.  Should the user stories for PCC only be the cataloger user stories?
          • Steven thinks we should go ahead with the cataloger use cases for PCC
          • ACTION - channel communication the Steven when Lynette has written up the use cases and created a survey for cataloger use cases
          • Developer use cases will have wider audience but still want to include PCC
  • Developing Cornell's functional requirements in order to move toward linked data
  • Other Topics
    • OCLC Linked Data / Entities Advisory Group
      • OCLC has described minimal viable entities and a number of small vocabs – are these new "standards" that we will have to engage with to ensure alignment?
    • PCC Sinopia Profiles Working group
      • 2020-09-18 - Still going through large spreadsheet comparing Sinopia profiles with BSR and CSR, close to having a comparison, will be part of report to POCO, still on target to complete in October
      • 2020-10-02 - Submitted interim report yesterday. Feedback requested before deciding on a few directions and working to stay compatible with LC work. Some discussion of how to align with SHARE-VDE data which uses a rather different profile. Committee is supposed to wrap by the end of October
    • PCC Task Group on Non-RDA Entities
      • 2020-09-11 - Preliminary report went to POCO suggesting a small vocabulary of entity types, discussion about how to host/implement
      • 2020-09-25 Now have a short list if possibilities and close to decision
      • 2020-10-02 Have definitions of short lists, now creating MARC examples. Interest is working the German national library on alignment – perhaps influence that and then adopt instead of creating a new list