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  • Simeon Warner  to coordinate work on final report with Michelle
  • Jason Kovari will discuss plan for DIscogs display implementation with LTS directors (note similar to use of external ToC data)
    • 2020-09-18 - It is on the queue for LTS directors, expect to have something next week
    • 2020-09-25 - Have introduced topic but more discussion required. (Relates a little to discussion of current work to index TOC data from a vendor)
    • 2020-10-02 - JAK sent a note to LTS Directors; no concerns raised. We did start a conversation around LTS' role in external data within Blacklight (or SOLR) and whether there should be a role for LTS but this is side-lined as we do other planning / higher-priority tasks. Can mark this as DONE
  • Jason Kovari and Steven Folsom  to explore where/how/if a discogs id might be added to MARC that would then be used in place of dynamic search to find a matching record (and coordinate with Tracey re. best practice). Would be used to override dynamic search
    • 2020-09-25 - Tracey/Laura/Jason have been discussing and have proposed location (024 7_ $2 discogs). Steven has been doing some work on catalog numbers (aka publisher id) in music cataloging
    • Steven will create wiki page for this project and document cataloging decision → Using Discogs to Enhance Discovery.
    • ACTION - Steven Folsom & Tim Worrall to follow up on this discussion with Frances about how we surface the id type in the Solr index in a way that will be easy/efficient to use
  • Simeon Warnerto find out who we might talk to about librarian instruction at CUL re. possible use cases
    • 2020-10-02 Still to do
  • Simeon Warnerto follow up about getting redirect from to wiki gateway page and to decommission drupal site
  • Huda Khan and Tim Worrall work to continue to explore the dashboard design and requirements
    • 2020-09-25 in progress, will discuss with Astrid & Tim next week
    • 2020-10-02: Kickoff design meeting happened
  • Greg Delisleto explore how to get the container version that Lynette has on her laptop up on AWS. Question about how to handle environment variables outside of the checked in docker container so that users can config
    • 2020-09-25 Greg is working on that (right now)
  • Toward a demo and discussion with D&A:
    • Huda KhanTim Worrall - Make sure the live demo meets the Discogs API terms of service in terms of linking and ack.
    • Tim Worrall  Create mockup pages for the cases of 1) a completely blended presentation, and 2) a presentation where the Discogs data is separated out
    • Huda Khan to discuss with Adam having a meeting with User Reps sometime after Oct 5
    • Tim Worrall to look into how we might display some language pointing out what data is not used in search. For example, what if a user sees the record label in Discogs data and then tries searching on that (which they can't)? Per Tracey suggestion