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  • (BEFORE MEETING IN #dev-sprint) Developer Stand Up - Developers give brief updates on their effort (or their team's effort).

    • Update/see "Current Work" section below based on your status. Please feel free to update prior to meeting.
    • Please highlight any new work (needing reviews/testing), any blockers (for you), and any discussion topics you may have.
  • (20 30 mins) General Discussion Topics
    1. (20mins) Discussion of Auto-Save behavior in Submission UI:
      1. Previously mentioned possible improvements to auto-save:
        1. Should auto-save not be time-based, but be entirely based on removing focus on fields? 
        2. If the page takes a while to reload, is there a way to capture/retain content until save has completed?
        3. How can we avoid errors appearing from sections that the user hasn't even gotten to yet?  Should we not display error popups until Save button is pressed?
    2. (
    1. 10mins) Brainstorming options for security testing & performance testing.  How do we want to handle both of these prior to 7.0 final?
      1.  Security Review/Scanning of pre-7.0
        1. Is Testathon an opportunity to have a third-party do a security review and/or scan of the codebase?  If so, any ideas of who could do this work?
        2. Other ideas?
      2. Performance testing of pre-7.0
        1. Again, is this an opportunity for Testathon? How/Where do we find someone with a large scale DSpace to test pre-7.0 with?  (There's also Chris Wilper's JMeter scripts from 2019 which might be able to provide some basic feedback here)
        2. Other ideas?
  • (30 mins) Planning for Beta 5