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Recommendations:  discussion reflected below in updated agenda above but separate recommendation doc will be created and shared with leadership.

Leadership Group 

  • Meetings held quarterly, with option to call "emergency" meeting when necessary. 
  • Meetings held in September, January, April, and (late) June (not physically at Open Repositories).
  • Meeting duration: 2 hours
  • Role of Leadership: Approves the overall priorities and strategic direction of the program by 
    • approving the annual budget and product roadmap 
    • nominating and electing Steering Group members 
    • voting on significant changes to strategic direction or roadmap presented by the Steering Group and 
    • helping to raise funds and secure other resources on behalf of the DSpace Program
    • All other decisions are made by Steering. 
  • Transparent communication (i.e. decisions made by steering communicated to Leadership group within x time), and any Leader has the authority to call an emergency meeting about any issues.
  • Some working groups may be limited to Leaders.
  • Meeting format and content: 
    • Reports from working groups and LYRASIS DCSP team, 
    • Report from SG and 
    • Presentation of items for voting or discussion, 
    • Special topics or guest presentations.
  • Meeting agendas and materials will be provided a week in advance.

Steering Group 

  • Meetings held monthly.
  • Meeting duration: 1.5 hours
  • Role of Steering: Provides program oversight and ensures that the priorities of the Leadership Group and members are met. This includes:
    • Operational oversight, including time-sensitive requests
    • Set strategic priorities (for approval by Leadership)
    • Recommend budget allocations (for approval by Leadership)
    • Assist with fundraising
    • Commission working groups
    • Sets agenda for Leadership Meeting
  • Steering is empowered
  • All decisions made by SG are send to LG with the right of any LG member to call an emergency meeting on such decisions within 3 days
  • Terms: 3-year term, do not have to be a Leader to be elected to Steering. Can be reelected.



Wrap Up and next steps

Let’s refine and make recommendations to Leadership for the October meeting vote. This is effective immediately - meaning leadership won’t meet again until January 2021.