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  • Discovery (WP3)
    • for issues etc. 
    • Preliminary draft of a discovery plan- intended to get feedback:
    • Which to start with?
      • Discogs - everyone likes this, are we OK showing the data. D&A Reps + Tracey would be a good group to think about this.
      • Autosuggest - need to clarify added value of linked data over what could be done with current indexes, and address updates
      • Open Syllabus - can we rely on that project? are there other (linked) data sources
      • Knowledge Panel - 
    • How much does bang-for-buck influence our decision? E.g. discogs would be great for music but that is a relatively small number of items
    • Strand 1: production piece (i.e.: picking features we've already worked on to then push those into production): discogs, autosuggest. Feature branches in the code to work on features in isolation. Still need to discuss discogs with Tracey (post- 9/2). Preliminary pass with discogs features using latest production (from a few days ago) successful (tried on dev vm and will try on ld4p3 demo using continuous integration later)
      • Steps:
        • Discussion with Tracey re. use case and benefit – DONE
        • LTS engagement re. metadata - 
        • Production requirements and functionality – Production decision points
        • Discussion with D&A User Reps and dev team
      • Next steps: meeting with Adam, develop plan for how to move toward production and arguments about benefits
    • Strand 2: research: how to go from knowledge graph to an index - what decisions are needed. What are the data sources for each (e.g.: how many Cornell faculty in wikidata)? Present: reviewing data sources and questions. Should have more worked out in a week or two. Main areas of concern: browsing and dashboard... and anything we can do to help patrons navigate our collections and how we can highlight an entity... and what does that mean for the index? How do we capture the relevant bits of the graph for an index? Is there a repo for this? Not yet... but can use discovery repo ( we already have to capture any queries or related work.
      • Research decision points
      • Use cases - first review 2020-09-18
        • Interest in the dashboard idea (full page for entity) that extends on the idea of an embedded knowledge panel
        • ACTION - work to continue to explore the dashboard
    • Can we get Blacklight fork to not hit the production catalog every time we do a pull request? Not clear way to specify that all pull requests should go to the fork rather than the main branch from which you forked. Huda is investigating with input from Code4Lib inquiry
      • 2020-09-11 so far there appears no way to fix this from within the github UI, will explore command line options 
    • Where do we maintain queries and data sources for new discovery work?
    • LD4P3 demo blacklight site
      • 2020-09-11 - Have got Jenkins to pull from our branch now, some kinks still to work out. Servers are
      • 2020-09-18 - Had some trouble with updates for Solr index, also coordinating with Robbie on disaster recovery process. Hope to have index up and running again today. Don't yet know whether we have fixed the issue with servers being shut down at 6pm to save costs, some issues with Solr not coming up properly at 7am and Greg having to go in an fix. Will see when indexes are stable
  • Linked-Data Authority Support (WP2) - A key element of this work package is a sustainable solution that others can deploy. Questions of budget for deployment. Need to get all code into LD4P repository. What would a good end-product look like both for our maintenance and for others to use
    • Qa Sinopia Collaboration
      • 2020-09-18 - Met with Stanford staff and ShareVDE on how Sinopia will send data to ShareVDE.  Next meeting will be in two weeks (09-29) on how to access CKB, whether through cache or direct through ShareVDE API.  API structure tentative.  Trying to encourage them toward creating a QA compatible API, but even if they are compatible, there are some concerns about whether it will be performant.
    • Cache Containerization Plan agreed with a prioritization of containers
      • 2020-09-18 - QA service can be brought up through docker.  Need to determine the best way to connect authority configs to the service. Need to understand what needs to happen for it to be deployed to AWS in a production environment.  Need to write instructions on how other institutions use this.
      • ACTION - Greg Delisleto explore how to get the container version that Lynette has on her laptop up on AWS. Question about how to handle environment variables outside of the checked in docker container so that users can config
    • Search API Best Practices for Authoritative Data working group is still working through use cases, this seems very important to take sufficient time
      • 2020-09-18
        • Continuing work on developer user stories.  Made distinctions between UI development and backend development.  Sometimes got off on tangents about how a user story would be implemented and whether it was possible to implement.  Tried to redirect back to the central question of whether the user story was desired.  We can work on the details of how once the user stories are prioritized.
        • Need to get contact information from Steven to share with PCC.  Looking at creating a survey that will allow for prioritization by PCC and the working group.  Should the user stories for PCC only be the cataloger user stories?
  • Developing Cornell's functional requirements in order to move toward linked data
  • Other Topics
    • OCLC Linked Data / Entities Advisory Group
      • Current communication focused on UXDiscussion of comprehensiveness and accuracy, "Minimum Viable Entity". There was a presentation at DCMI
    • PCC Sinopia Profiles Working group
      • Going 2020-09-18 - Still going through large spreadsheet comparing Sinopia profiles with BSR and CSR, close to having a comparison, will be part of report to POCO
        2020-09-11 - Fewer meetings recently because of COVID and/or fires. A small number of outstanding questions that might go to POCO, still on target to complete in October
    • PCC Task Group on Non-RDA Entities
      • 2020-09-11 - Preliminary report went to POCO suggesting a small vocabulary of entity types, discussion about how to host/implement /implement
      • 2020-09-18 - Meeting today. Use multiple types rather than combinatoric explosion
    • website - ACTION - Simeon Warnerto follow up about getting redirect to wiki gateway page and to decommission drupal site

Next Meeting(s), anyone out?