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  • 2020-09-10 - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group

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  • github covering all of our use cases? Maybe?  What about updating wiki pages, devops work tools, etc.
  • This WG should wait until end of year and re-form then keeping an eye on GH until then?
  • All in agreement that waiting for GH support best.
  • Need to watch the scope of GH support and prepare tools/instructions for cases not covered - wiki pages, our docucumentation (like
  • Why is waiting a good idea?
    • Reduced cognitive load
    • Less disruptive technically
    • GH is helping solve the problem and can help support if arise issues
    • Mindful of our resources
  • Need to decide and writeup about how we're keeping a watch on things and how we're going to ramp back up
  • Goal: pass off doc to CCMWG and let them implement it
  • Action item: draft rampup doc including why we're pausing and how we're going to complete the work (Jeremy Friesen )
  • Action item: outline document for the CCMWG (Katherine Lynch )