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Ideas for Potential DSpace Summer of Code projects

titleAdd your ideas here!

Please add your suggestions for GSoC 2013 projects related to DSpace! If you are interested in mentoring, please let us know! Also, be sure to visit the listing of Past GSoC Project Ideas below, to see if anything there is still relevant.

Please add your own ideas to the table below, and feel free to volunteer as a mentor for any existing idea 

Project Title / Summary

Relevant DSpace component(s)

Detailed Description / Links

Mentor volunteer(s)

Virtual Sets: Separate the internal repository structure from the navigation structure


Currently, Dspace’s hierarchical structure allows to share items between collections by explicitly declaring these relations on each item. However, DSpace does not allow to relate a collection or sub-community between two or more communities.

Virtual Sets are arbitrary aggregations of Dspace Objects and criterias, composed of:

  • arbitrarily selected communities, collections and/or items,
  • dynamic results from criterias/queries (logical expressions. e.g. SOLR queries)
  • other declared Virtual Sets (initially, cycles are not allowed)

Virtual Sets in DSpace would allow the creation of complex navigation structures regardless of the hierarchical (perhaps administrative) structure of communities and collections.

Structures, as described above, are supported in at least another repository software such as Fedora-based Hydra due to its generic object model.

 The initial implementation would affect the dspace-xmlui component. However, further extensions of this implementation would at least involve the modification of the dspace-api component too, possibly implementing the Virtual Sets as DSpace Objects to offer more orthogonal features like Virtual Sets backup, export and exposure through OAI-PMH.

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Past Ideas for Potential DSpace GSoC projects

We have archives of all our Past GSoC Ideas Pages still available for reference/ideas. However, you should check with the available mentors before suggesting any of these older project descriptions. In some cases these projects may require rethinking to bring them up to date.

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