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This page is part of the Google+Summer+of+Code+2007 project on Portable Citations. (Up to main project page.)

This is a list of import methods encountered in discussions of DSpace. Please feel free to add your own import procedures to help me understand the variations possible.

  • Batch importer. Transforms an XML metadata document with some content files, into an item, as if it were an "in progress submission".
  • Import from archival catalog (University of Calgary)
  • Smithsonian
    • export Access to XML
    • do some'find-and-replace' to change the fields to dublin_core format
    • replace the record header, etc with the proper tags
    • split the file into individual records
  • Xalan (XSLT 1.0)--other methods mentioned in Christophe's dspace-devel conversation May 6, 2007.
  • Import metadata from Excel to create the archive folder structure acceptable for DSpace batch import
    Author: Jayan C Kurian, SCI, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Author: Mika University of Calgary

Dependencies: PHP (tested with 4 and 5, old versions may work) and wget or similar utilities

Author: Eric Morgan (question)


  • search bibliographic indexes for things written by local authors.
  • save records to EndNote, a bibliographic citation manager.
  • export the EndNote content as an XML file, parse the file, and save the results in directories importable by DSpace.
  • After importing, cache the content and provide browsable interfaces against it.