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This page is part of the Google+Summer+of+Code+2007 project on Portable Citations. (Up to main project page.)

DSpace Documentation about, and related to, metadata

An old version of the documentation is online; up-to-date versions are in the code at dspace/docs

Numbers give the approximate location in the document. Documents are listed in the order given in the documentation. ToC

  • functional.html Functional Overview
    • Metadata (3/13)
    • Crosswalk Plugins (4/13)
    • OAI support (11/13)
    • OpenURL support (11/13)
  • configure.html
    • The Metadata and Bitstream Format Registries (3/24)
    • Activating Additional OAI-PMH Crosswalks (4/24)
    • Customizing the Simple Item Display Metadata (7/24)
    • Configuring Lucene Search Indexes (11/24)
    • Configuring Controlled Vocabularies (17/24)
    • Configuring Crosswalk Plugins (20/24)
  • directories.html Directories and Files (esp. config/ section)
  • business.html Business Logic Layer
    • "The Item object handles the Dublin Core metadata record." (3/24)
    • "The DCValue class is a simple container that represents a single Dublin Core element, optional qualifier, value and language. Note that as of DSpace 1.4 the MetadataValue and associated classes are preferred (see Support for Other Metadata Schemas). The other classes starting with DC are utility classes for handling types of data in Dublin Core, such as people's names and dates. As supplied, the DSpace registry of elements and qualifiers corresponds to the Library Application Profile for Dublin Core." (6/24)
    • Dublin Core Metadata (6/24) – "Below is the specific syntax that DSpace expects various fields to adhere to"
    • Support for Other Metadata Schemas (6/24)
    • Indexed Fields (19/24)
    • Browse API (20/24)
  • application.html Application Layer
    • "Using an item's Dublin Core metadata DSpace can display an SFX link, if an SFX server is available. This tag does so for a particular item if the sfx.server.url property is defined in dspace.cfg." (5/18)
    • OAI-PMH Data Provider (8/18)
    • METS packages (11/18)
    • DSpace simple archive format – explains format of dublin_core.xml (12/18)
    • Transferring Items Between DSpace Instances (13/18)
    • METS Tools (16/18)