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Comment: reordered add-ons to group functionality (e.g. streming, viewers)


addon name \ DSpace version1.
Commenting xx          
Controlled Vocabulary/Ontology xx          
Dublin Core Meta Toolkit     x       
Embargo     xbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-in
Joomla! Collections, Archives and Repositories     x       
Lightweight JHOVE format validator and virus check    xx       
Pluggable Storage/S3     x      built-in
Recommendationxx       built-inbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-in
Request Copy    xx    built-inbuilt-inbuilt-in
Semantic Search for DSpace      xx    built-in
Statistics  xxxxxxx    
Tombstoning    xx       
Web of Communications xx          
Open Peer Review          xx 
DSpace-CRIS      x xxxxx
CKAN Integration           xx
Audiovisual Streaming       xxxxxx
Video/Audio Streaming           xx
Content & Usage Analysis       xxxxxx
Document Streaming       xxxxxx
Document Viewer (no Flash required)           xx
Documents Viewer Module        xxxx x
OCR and Transcription           xx
Image Zoom       xxxxxx
IIIF Image Viewer           xx
Information Conversion Suite       xxxxxx
Listing & Reports       xxxxxx
Metadata Quality Module       xxxxxx
Moodle Integration         xxx x
Social Networks          xx x
Authority Control

Digital Preservation           x x