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  • RichardJones - Happy to be involved, especially at the architecture stage, and to devote some development time to bringing this up to what we would like to use at Imperial College.
  • LiamLynch - Happy to be involved in discussion of architectural aspects, and hopefully the requirements of the Open Repository project for usage stats can be met by a system that is globally applicable, so that we can get involved with moving the development of that forward generally.
  • GaryPhillips - Interested in getting more useful usage statistics (view counts) for items and bitstreams by filtering out robots and crawlers, and displaying counts inside DSpace. Mostly lurking until I get more familiar with some possible solutions.
  • [ StuartLewis] - Would like to be involved, and is happy to contribute effort.
  • [ Mwood] Mark H. Wood- Interested in view counts and robot identification. Using the University of Rochester code now. Looking into alternate robot filtering methods.
  • [ PaulNeedham] - Would like to be involved, happy to contribute effort. Worked on the JISC/PAL3 PIRUS Project looking into producing COUNTER-compliant stats for Journal Articles. Developing own stats suite (very rough and ready in PHP) which allow for per author and per collection stats.
  • [ gfarrasb] - Interested in applying educational data mining algorithms to obtain information about user actions in DSpace.