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Notes from committer call 10-Nov-2004 (11-Nov-2004 Aus)

Jim, Richard J, Gabriela, Scott, Richard R, Ralph, Rob

DSpace 1.2.1

Permissions bug seems the only showstopper.
1.2.1 beta 2 by the end of this week, 1.2.1 next week with a fix for the
permissions bug
Jim has managed to get crond compiling docs each night (how to access?)

Potential multi-repository change to DSpace 1.x

Don't need separate Tomcat instances – .war's just fine
Richard J has 3 instances running just fine
Gabriela has 2 instances running using 2 Tomcat instances
Richard R: Need more details, test to do with memory consumption
Jim: Would be good to have this done in a 2.0 context

  • Rob to reply, suggesting some experiments to see if that will work until 2.0

DSpace+2.0 process

People happy with the approach lined out in email 'DSpace+2.0 process

Ralph: Need to flesh out infrastructure more. E.g. Cocoon as container

  • more details about requirements and how that would work, so we can
    make a decision

Jim: Should decide which standards and what tiers first, then we can
decide on tools. Consider how people are going to want to build
applications? DSpace an application vs a toolkit FEDORA-style?

Scott: Interested to look at some of the FEDORA work – they have a
form of AIP in there

Ralph: Would be good to approach FEDORA people about that, but need
some clear requirements

  • Richard volunteers to have a look at FEDORA, particularly the storage side, and put together a high-level set of requirements to get the ball rolling

Rob: have some good ideas, not sure if they've been communicated via
docs and email effectively, hence prototype

Discussion about framework/toolkit approach vs application. Consensus
we definitely need to maintain the 'works out of the box' aspect of
DSpace. Proposal to accumulate requirements so that we can be sure that
a base DSpace+2.0 fulfills our basic requirements.

  • Rob to set up a page so that each of us can put down the requirements/features/use cases that we find essential in our Dspaces

Discussion of some of the basic areas:

  • Generalised workflow component (Ralph interested)
  • Standard remote API interfaces get built on top of
  • Extensible APIs?
  • Internationalisation
  • Information model (FEDORA relevant)

Ralph: Should look at IMS digital repo definitions (reference?)

Work over next few months

Jim: Hoping to start a second asset store prototype

Ralph: Thinking about versioning – how CVS (or subversion or ARCH)
could work as an asset store

Scott: Interested in looking at providing ingest services