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There are symbolic constants (and corresponding String symblic names) for the confidence levels defined in the Choices class:

ConfidenceStored value (in metadatavalue)DescriptionMirage 2 Glyphicon rendering
ACCEPTED600This authority value has been confirmed as accurate by an interactive user or authoritative policythumbs-up
UNCERTAIN500Authority value is singular and valid but has not been seen and accepted by a human, so its provenance is uncertaincog
AMBIGUOUS400There are multiple matching authority values of equal validityquestion-sign
NOTFOUND300There are no matching answers from the authoritythumbs-down
FAILED200The authority encountered an internal failure in trying to match the valuewarning-sign
REJECTED100The authority recommends this submission be rejected
NOVALUE0No reasonable confidence value is availableban-circle
UNSET-1No confidence value has been set (default value in the DB table)remove

The icon rendering in the XMLUI Mirage 2 theme takes place in choice-authority-control.xsl.